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The Lying Down Meditation Posture

Meditation is an effective tool that allows your body to get in tune with your mind and spirit. Stillness is key during meditation since it helps our minds to acquire a state of awareness. Although there are numerous forms of meditation, there’s one unpopular yet effective technique that helps to revitalize the flow of energy around your body – the lying down meditation pose. You might be wondering: can you meditate in bed? Most meditation teachers prefer sitting meditation to lay down meditation techniques, mainly because it’s easier to focus when you’re seated – the mind is more alert, making it harder to sleep.

Meditation positions lying down

It’s okay to perform meditation in bed, especially when you’re having trouble sitting or you’re experiencing some discomfort when you sit. If you’re curious on how you can perform meditation positions lying down, here are 2 effective lying down meditation techniques you can try:

  1. Savasana Posture

This is popularly referred to as the corpse pose. Although there exists some ancient scriptures that reference this form of lying down meditation, the savasana posture has an eerie aura of mysteriousness surrounding it. Meditators use this technique to bring calmness to the body and to restore balance to their nervous systems. In savasana, individuals lie flat on their backs while ensuring that the palm of their hands face upward.

  1. Mindfulness meditation

This is a simple lay down meditation technique that can even help you experience better sleep. Before sleeping, take some time to focus on various aspects surrounding your life, one issue at a time. Finally, let go of these thoughts. Letting go is a crucial step during mindfulness. Some people write journals, others simply recall how their day was. These simple techniques can help you to achieve calm, giving you immense peace of mind.

Benefits of lay down meditation

Can you meditate in bed and still enjoy the benefits? This is a question that puzzles many meditators. Many experts believe that meditation in bed decreases the tension that normally builds up within your muscles throughout the day, helping you to relax. Other impressive benefits of lying down meditation include:

  1. Rejuvenating your senses

After spending the entire day sitting and walking about, the body requires a break. Lying down not only eases the tension within different muscle groups but also refreshes your different senses. Your body needs to “switch off” from time to time. Meditation positions lying down act like a reset button, helping you to achieve immense relaxation.

  1. Easing pain and discomfort

If you perform frequent sitting meditation techniques, you might experience some sharp pain in your legs, back or other parts of the body. You could also develop some hip discomfort as a result of sitting down for extended hours. This discomfort could also stem from a variety of places. Meditation in bed therefore offers the perfect alternative for individuals experiencing such pain and discomfort. Lying down meditation techniques relieves tension in paining parts by effectively rebalancing your body weight.

  1. Promoting better sleep

Research has concluded that meditation helps to improve the symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders. Lying down meditation techniques boost sleep when performed constantly. Therefore, if you have some insomniac tendencies, take around 10 minutes to lie on your back every night before heading to sleep. You’ll be delightfully marveled by the better quality sleep you achieve after a few weeks.

Apart from these advantages, here are more benefits you can achieve:

  • Reducing your blood pressure.
  • Improving productivity and flow.
  • Increased flow of vibrant energy.
  • Elevating focus and heightening your attention span.

There’s no doubt about it – lying down meditation will help to revive your focus and achieve a tranquil state of relaxation. If you desire some guided meditation to help you focus during your meditation sessions, the Mindworks Guided Meditation App can help. It contains a wealth of resources, including Mind Talks and daily guided meditations that will enrich you tremendously. Remember to concentrate on your breathing technique and keep your eyes closed during the entire meditation period. Most importantly, ensure your mind is empty and avoid dwelling on disruptive thoughts.

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