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Tokpa Korlo was born into a family of meditators and is a gifted musician, photographer, videographer and sobriety activist with a large international following. Beginning in his teens, Tokpa has earned recognition and numerous awards from prestigious institutions as an outstanding jazz guitarist. Like many artists Tokpa struggled with substance abuse before rediscovering his childhood roots in meditation and changing the direction of his life. A living embodiment of the transformative power of meditation, Topka brings his artistic talents and heartfelt insight to the Mindworks team as Chief Creative Officer.

How to Live in the Present & Overcome Fear

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Overcoming The Fear of Now: A Journey from Addiction to Meditation Regardless of where we come from or who we are, we all have our own path to live. I was born into a family of mediators. I had a wonderful upbringing and caring, loving parents and yet I still found the need to rebel. [...]