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Couples who meditate are usually blown off with delight when they receive meditation gifts. There’s a wide array of gifts you can get your partner – you only need to be a little creative. If there’s a special lady in your life who is just beginning to meditate, why not buy interesting meditation gifts for her? She will be elated by the surprise. Even the smallest of gifts can go a long way in solidifying your relationships. Men also crave for spontaneous surprises once in a while. There are a myriad of meditation gifts for him as well.

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Take a look at some of the meditation gifts you can buy your loved ones

Meditation gifts for her:

  1. Lotus flower jewelry and art pieces

The lotus flower has earned a special place in the hearts of Buddhist meditators worldwide. It’s among the auspicious symbols that represents purity and divine beauty. Watch your lady’s countenance light up when you present those glistering lotus flower earrings and necklaces you bought her. You could also surprise her with a lotus flower art-piece that she can hang in her house.

  1. Crystal salt lamp

This lamp will elevate your productivity as you meditate and even boost your energy levels afterwards. It is made using authentic Himalayan salt crystals. It’s one of the best meditation gifts for her. the crystal salt lamp also releases negative ions that benefit your body by neutralizing the harmful effects of pollen, dust, bacteria and an assortment of hazardous airborne particles.

  1. Zafus and yoga bolsters

Zafus are Japanese meditation pillows that provide a comfortable cushion as you meditate. Yoga bolsters, on the other hand, offer a firm support to help individuals practice even the most difficult meditation poses. These two meditation gifts for her will revive your lady’s interest in this calming art.

  1. Zen dog sculptures

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal and nonjudgmental pets in existence. Looking at them is enough to bring feelings of peace and calmness after a stressful day at work. Surprise that special lady with cute Zen dog garden sculptures that can be use as meditation companions.

  1. An exhilarating trip to the Golden Buddha Resort

If you’re feeling a bit extravagant, book a trip to the tropical Golden Buddha Beach Resort located in Thailand. It’s not too expensive either – you only require to set aside $1,500. The experience you’ll have will totally be worth it.

Meditation gifts for him:

  1. A hanging gong

Let’s admit it: we’ve all dreamt of striking those gigantic Buddhist gongs at least once. Gongs were widely used in Asia to drive away evil and alert people of invaders. If your man appreciates rich history and culture, a gong will be among the best meditation gifts for him.

  1. Meditation bracelet

That special man in your life will definitely love a meditation bracelet. It’s made from a number of items including amethyst, authentic lava, amber, tiger eye and lazurite. Meditation bracelets bring a sense of peace, clarity, healing, protection, balance and strength.

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  1. Namaste meditation keyring

It’s among the simplest meditation gifts for him. However, the Namaste keyring is a heartfelt gift that will definitely delight your man. You can choose from an assortment of meditation keyrings bearing different meditation messages. The chakra pinky ring is also a terrific gift suggestion for him.

  1. Eye pillows

Every man yearns to meditate in a calming environment free from any internal or external distractions. However, stress and migraines sometimes creep in and make it hard to concentrate. Eye pillows are therefore the best meditation gifts for him because they restore relaxation and relieve migraines when heated or frozen. They also reduce the blatant appearance of puffy eyes.

  1. Meditation mats

This is the perfect gift for men who still use their couch to meditate. Meditation mats are usually made with high quality and durable materials. They cushion your body as you perform different meditation exercises, preventing you from sustaining bruises and injuries. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors.

There you have it, 10 thoughtful meditation gifts for him and her. You’ll love the reaction of your friends when you surprise them with these charming gifts.

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