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Meditation Programs

Learn to Meditate

Mindworks Learn to Meditate program provides training in the essentials of meditation practice, using mindfulness of the breath as a foundation for working with your mind.  If you’re new to the practice of meditation, this module will help you get started and teach you how to sit with a comfortable and effective posture. If you’re familiar with meditation, the program will help you rekindle your connection to practice and build a consistent daily routine.

Learn to Meditate features Mindworks’ M7 program, a series of 10-minute guided meditations that bring you progressively into mindfulness practice while laying the foundation for future awareness practice.

Learn to Meditate module offers:

  • Explore how meditation practice makes life meaningful
  • Experience mindfulness through progressive guided meditations
  • Appreciate the benefits of meditation
  • Feel encouraged to practice with Daily Cup Contemplations
  • Discover how to access your own true happiness and well-being.
  • Transform perception of the world with a positive outlook

Learn to Meditate takes you on a guided tour of rich content on the App and website. Best of all, it only takes 15–20 minutes of your busy day.

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