Mindworks Journey Level 1: Discover

Mindworks Journey

Level 3: Stabilize

During the Stabilize part of your Journey, you’ll find that the qualities you’ve been developing through regular meditation are useful off the cushion as well. You use your practice to work on maintaining stability and focus in all sorts of everyday situations.

At this point, your appreciation of the benefits of meditation begins to be up close and personal. You don’t need much encouragement to keep up a regular practice. Clearly, a more workable, steady mind is beneficial not only for you, but also for those around you. At work, at home or at school, in relationships and in everyday life, your newfound sense of stability contributes to your well-being and the happiness of the people who share your life.

Level 3 Stabilize is the third stage of the Journey’s Foundation program. The meditation instruction promotes your experience of mindfulness practice to create balance in your life.

Level 3 Stabilize module offers:

  • Sustained experience of mindfulness practice
  • Appreciation of how to bring a positive outlook to life
  • Insight into emotional patterns and how to transform them
  • Perspective of a bigger view of your mind and your life
  • Recognize how to let go through the guidance of insightful Mind Talks

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