Mindworks Journey Level 1: Discover

Mindworks Journey

Level 5: Disrupt

At Level 5, we train in changing perspectives and letting go of disruptive patterns.

Through practice and becoming more familiar with how the mind functions, we discover that everything is workable. We are developing the capacity to step back, observe and distance ourselves from any unhelpful reactions that arise in the mindstream. The very process of meditation has taught us that we’re not stuck indefinitely with disruptive patterns and emotions; if we are able to recognize them as they arise, we can let go of them. This encouraging discovery inspires us to take on personal goals that are now within reach.

Level 5 Disrupt is the second stage of the Journey’s Path program. The meditation instruction encourages us to go further with awareness practice and begin to rewire.

Level 5: Disrupt module offers:

  • Create space in your mind to gain perspective
  • Recognize harmful mental habits before they engender behavior
  • Apply awareness practice to challenging emotions
  • Innovate and choose to do something truly different
  • Chart a more genuine course for your future

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