Merit Points

Accumulate merit points by taking Mindworks courses!

As a member, whenever you make progress in your meditation course you earn merit points that can be redeemed for free courses.

In Mindworks Courses, you earn merit points for working with your mind in meditation practice. Gain points by:

  • Progressing through course modules
  • Exploring different topics and practices
  • Signing in on the Members site
  • Completing reviews, with extra credit for a perfect score (applies to Mindworks Journey)
  • Completing courses, which multiplies your merit

Redeem Merit Points
Redeem merit points for course gift certificates so others can discover Mindworks genuine meditation training and life coaching courses. Keep track of your merit points on your Account page. Note you must be a recurring Member in order to redeem merit points.

Accumulating Merit

Accumulating merit is an idea we’ve borrowed from the Buddhist tradition. Merit is the positive mental and spiritual energy that results from helpful actions and habits like generosity, patience, kindness and compassion. Because doing good makes us feel good, we’re naturally inclined to share the goodness with others. And what goes around comes around.

Yes but how is meditation meritorious? It’s true that many of us think of meditation as our “me” time. If we imagine that this “me” time replenishes our batteries and gives us more resilience and space to express our natural goodness, if it leads us to work more skillfully with challenges and difficult emotions, that’s how meditation contributes to our storehouse of merit. Moreover, merit is related to interconnectedness—another notion that’s essential to Buddhism as well as to modern science. Our actions, speech and thoughts influence how we relate to our world and how the world relates to us.

There are innumerable ways to accumulate merit. One traditional way is to support teachings that improve the lives of others. This is where Merit Points come in. When you follow Mindworks Courses, you can use your Merit Points to help others learn how to work with their minds and share the goodness.

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