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Working with Stress

Insight into the mechanics of stress with practical mindfulness-based solutions

Mindworks course in Working with Stress can help you relieve stress with meditation practice.

Mindworks Stress Meditation Program

Explore our 12-minute a day Working with Stress program for

  • An understanding of what stress is and the emotional patterns that support it
  • Guided online meditations for anxiety and stress relief
  • Insights into how your beliefs can make or break the stress pattern
  • Antidotes that really help reduce stress
  • Advice about how to heal the illness arising from stress

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Here’s what you’ll gain from this course:

  • Experience a new way to perceive stressful situations
  • Insight into disrupting the emotional patterns that cause stress
  • Employ better coping skills through meditation practice
  • Apply the antidotes that really help reduce stress

Guided meditations for this course provide fundamental instructions in mindfulness practice with a focus on understanding and reducing stress. Together, meditation practice and insightful learning serve as a catalyst for growth in your ability to overcome stress.

This in-depth meditation course features advanced Mind Trainer Maria Camara, PhD, an experienced psychologist and meditation teacher who has studied stress from both perspectives. In addition to her guided meditations for working with stress, Maria provides insights into how to change your perception so you can cope better with stress now and prevent it from being a problem in the future.

Maria Camara is a psychologist and meditation teacher

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