Chogyal Rinpoche is a spiritual leader, meditation practitioner and humanitarian who has dedicated his life to serving others and helping to create a better world. Born in Nepal, Rinpoche entered the monastic life at age five and spent two decades practicing and studying meditation at various institutes in India. After graduating with a Khenpo (Doctorate) degree in religious philosophy, he traveled to more than 20 countries where he studied many world religions—including Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam—in order to deepen his ability to engage in global interfaith dialogue. Rinpoche has founded numerous non-profit organizations, including an orphanage in Nepal, a music academy for underprivileged youth in India, a medical institute for earthquake victims in China, a home for HIV orphans in Nepal and a foundation that helps the disabled and disadvantaged throughout Asia. While finishing his psychology degree in Zurich, Rinpoche continues to travel and teach meditation worldwide.

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Chogyal Rinpoche