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People join the Mindworks community for a variety of reasons, but we all have one thing in common: every one of us is committed to personal growth and development through meditation practice. When we move forward on the path of personal transformation, it benefits us and everyone around us. As we learn to work with our minds, we naturally become more understanding, calm and joyful. Our sense of well-being has a ripple effect that’s shared with our families, friends and networks.

Many people who struggle with meditation either don’t have access to genuine instructions or they lack an incentive to practice. Mindworks offers authentic teachings from some of the world’s best meditation experts, packaged in an online format that is progressive, direct and fun to follow. Mindworks courses turn occasional meditation into a daily routine you can look forward to and make it easy to have a successful practice.

Meditation can teach meditation recovery and forgiveness

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What our happy customers say:

"The Journey levels are proceeding well - very high quality content! I love meeting the all-star cast of meditators."
Happy meditator Virginia
Virginia Phillips
Retired food writer and translator
"I recently completed the nine-level Journey to Wellbeing and it has profoundly changed my life. I’ve learned to calm my mind with clear, practical instructions on how to let go and not react to my emotions. This is the first time I’ve truly understood mindfulness and have seen real change in my behavior and relationships. It’s a gift I won’t waste."
Susan Bilheimer
Writer and Artist

What are the benefits of an online meditation community?

Does your schedule make it difficult for you to commit to regular group meditation practice with a local meditation community? You can also access the many benefits of meditation practice through an online meditation course. Many people choose to join others for community meditation courses when they can and keep their regular practice going with the help of online meditation classes.

Join our ever-growing online meditation community for access to our extensive online resources, including the best meditation videos and podcasts, mindfulness and awareness practice instructions and guided meditations. The free Mindworks app download and trial period get you started with daily meditation online, a Daily Cup contemplation, videos by our international team of expert Mind Trainers and blogs on a wide variety of meditation-related topics. For those interested in specific subjects such as stress relief, relationships or working with emotions, Mindworks has a number of online courses that make meditation easy and keep it simple. When you’re ready to go deeper, your membership will connect you with a virtual international community of like-minded practitioners. Join the Mindworks meditation community online for authentic meditation guidance to get you started and keep you going!