Journey to Liberation

Fundamentals of the Buddhist path, a 9-level course series for new and experienced practitioners.

Roadmap of Buddhist Fundamentals course showing levels in the Journey to Liberation by Mindworks

What Will You Discover on Your Journey to Liberation?

Find freedom within

Commit to turning inward toward your true nature

Practice with purpose

Clarify why you meditate and deepen your practice

Go beyond simple mindfulness

Learn two fundamental forms of meditation, shamatha and vipashyana

Benefit from insight

Uncover the liberating truths that explain karma and our interrelationship with the world

Apply the Buddha’s teachings

Inspire your daily practice by taking refuge in the three jewels

Get to know your mind

See how Buddhist philosophy complements brain science and modern psychology

Fortify your understanding

Practice listening, contemplating, meditating on a daily basis

Learn the truths of reality

Open to the wisdom and insight of the 4 Noble Truths and 4 Seals

Prerequisites: none. Courses must be taken sequentially.


9 Transformational Courses

Journey to Liberation is a 9-Level course on the fundamental principles of Buddhism. Spend 30 minutes a day with the philosophy and practices that pave the path to enlightenment. Learn what the Buddha taught with the first turning of the wheel of dharma, and experience first-hand why it leads to freedom from suffering. Individual meditation instruction (meet with a Mind Trainer) is offered via zoom after levels 4 and 9.

Holding an umbrella in the rain - an image of protecting all beings from suffering under the umbrella of the Buddha's activity

Level 1: Taking Refuge

Taking responsibility is the foundation of the Buddhist path

4 lotuses growing in water - an image signifying the Buddha's 4 noble truths

Level 2: Noble Truths

Understand the essential first teaching given by the Buddha

Ringing the gong - it's time to meditate!

Level 3: Meditation

Deepen your practice with a strong foundation in Buddhist meditation

Image of 3 beautiful swans, signifying the 3 trainings of Buddhism

Level 4: 3 Trainings

Traverse the Buddhist path with discipline, meditation and wisdom

image of metal balls, symbolizing karmic cause and effect

Level 5: Karma

Understand karma as a tool to transform your life experience

A man's hand with light arising, a symbol of the reminders in Buddhism to practice the path

Level 6: 4 Reminders

Renew your motivation to practice with the 4 essential wisdoms

An image of an iceberg 90% below water, symbolizing the quality of insight that is always there

Level 7: Insight

Develop awareness, insight into the nature of mind and the world

Man touching lightbulb, symbolizing the Buddhist science of mind

Level 8: Science of Mind

Explore Buddhist psychology to understand mind and perception

2 birds flying out of a cage, symbolizing self-liberation in the Buddhist path

Level 9: Self-Liberation

Find freedom from emotions and beliefs that obscure your potential


Choose What’s Right for You

Whether you take the levels one-by-one, purchase the Journey course bundle or gain full access to all our courses with a Premium Membership, our progressive online courses will inspire your progress on your path.

Level 1: Taking Refuge – Single Course


billed once

Take refuge in spiritual practice, a genuine source of meaning, well-being and connection. This is a progressive 14-day course, 25 minutes per day.

Journey to Liberation 9-Course Bundle


billed once – lifetime access

Commit to the Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion with an in-depth 126 day course series, to bring inspiration and insight to your practice

Mindworks Premium Membership

$225 / year

Billed annually

Gain full access to all journeys, courses, live events and features with a premium membership

Mindworks Premium Membership

$25 / month

Billed monthly

Gain full access to all journeys, courses, live events and features with a premium membership


Meet Your Mind Trainers

The advanced coursework in the Journey to Liberation is taught by our dharma teachers and meditation experts from around the world. Our team of accomplished life-long practitioners will enrich your spiritual journey with passion, experience and wisdom you won’t find anywhere else.

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD, Internationally Renowned Meditation Master & Scholar

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

Internationally Renowned Buddhist Master & Scholar

Trinlay Rinpoche is a meditation master who teaches philosophy and the benefits of meditation on Mindworks

Trinlay Rinpoche

Accomplished Meditator and Buddhist Scholar

Lama Jampa Thaye, Meditation Master and Scholar

Lama Jampa Thaye, PhD

Meditation Master and Buddhist Scholar

Julia Stenzel PhD is a long time meditation teacher who specializes in the benefits of compassion meditation

Julia Stenzel, PhD

Meditation teacher and Buddhist professor

Tillman Lhundrup has been teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy for over 40 years

Tilmann Lhundrup

Life-long Meditation Teacher and Retreat Coach

Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Bart Mendel

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

Pamela Gayle White is a skilled write on all things meditation for Mindworks

Pamela Gayle White

Long-term meditation teacher, author and translator

Vinny Ferraro teaches meditation from the heart on Mindworks

Vinny Ferraro

Meditation Teachings from the Heart

Lama Tsony teaches meditation practices on Mindworks

Lama Tsony Devroux

Life-Long Meditator & Teacher

Dr. Stephen Dansiger teaches meditation and addiction recovery at Mindworks

Stephen Dansiger, PsyD

PsyD, MFT, therapist and meditation teacher

Khenpo Dharma Mitra, a respected meditation practitioner and teacher

Khenpo Dharma Mitra

Meditation & Buddhist Philosophy Teacher

Khaydroup Podvoll is a Mind Trainer on Mindworks who teaches the benefits of being in the present moment

Khaydroup Podvoll

Contemplative Practitioner, Meditator & Teacher

Reverend Joseph Rogers is a specialist in addiction recovery and teaches meditation to aid recovery

Reverend Joseph Rogers

Chaplain and Meditation Instructor for Recovery

Sara-Mai Conway is a Buddhist writer who bases her writings and teachings on her Buddhist practice and experience

Sara-Mai Conway

Writer and Meditation Instructor

An image of a Laptop and and iPhone with Mindworks Members site and app open

Meditation Made Accessible

The Mindworks virtual classroom is an easy and fun way to learn genuine Buddhist meditation and philosophy, and fuel your path towards liberation. All courses are accessible on our mobile app or on any browser on any device. These Journey courses are 14-day programs, 25 to 30 minutes per day, and include guided meditations, teaching videos we call Mind Talks, readings, contemplations, reviews and more. Our progressive courses are the best way to make meditation an integral part of your life.

An image of a meditator on the Buddhist path for Mindworks

Brian Anderson – Management Consultant

Thanks for this wonderful content! I’m enjoying it and it’s making a difference in my life and those around me. Mindworks has done a great job of synthesizing and structuring the Buddhist path, which has been key to my progress.

David is a happy meditator with Mindworks

David – Accountant

Thank you so much for the Journey to Liberation. I am very excited. Love your website and teachers…meditation has already changed my life. Forever grateful!

Smriti is a dedicated meditator and loves Mindworks

Smriti – College Professor

I started Mindworks courses 4 months ago and have not missed a single day! It has really made a big difference—but in a very subtle way—to my life.

Happy meditator Cathe

Cathe – Retired Teacher

After completing the free Foundations course, I wanted and needed more. Fast-forward seven months later: I finished the Journey to Well Being series and have started the Journey to Compassion. As a result, my brain has rewired, and my heart has purified. I am not the same person. My marriage and other close relationships are thriving. Don’t deprive yourself of this miraculous experience.


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