Level 3: Meditation

Amplify the benefits of your practice with a strong foundation in Buddhist meditation techniques

Ringing the gong - it's time to meditate!

What You’ll Gain in Level 3: Meditation

Expand your knowledge of meditation styles

Broaden your practice beyond foundational techniques

Deepen your meditation experience

Understand the four foundations of mindfulness

Counter the habitual patterns that cause pain

See why we dedicate the merit of our practice

Set the foundation for wisdom

Meditate to awaken, versus simply to relax

Prerequisites for this course: Level 1 through Level 2: The Four Noble Truths

Roadmap of Buddhist Fundamentals course highlighting meditation - or shamatha practice

The 3rd Stage in Your Journey to Liberation

In Level 3 of Journey to Liberation, we dive deeply into the first of two essential Buddhist meditation practices. Explore the external and internal obstacles to meditation, and learn how to apply the antidotes for a practice that opens the door to wisdom. Begin accumulating merit by clarifying your intent, who and what you are meditating for.

  • See why shamatha meditation is essential and also quite profound
  • Connect to peace and stability independent of outer circumstance
  • Clarify motivation by rooting meditation in spiritual practice
  • Learn why dedicating your practice enhances meditation’s benefits
  • Expand your toolkit with mindfulness, noting and walking practice
  • Support your meditation by addressing obstacles with their antidotes

Ways to Get Started

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Level 3: Meditation


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Stabilize the mind and become more open to whatever arises, including wisdom

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Your Level 2 Mind Trainers

Get to know the dharma teachers and meditation experts who will lead you to new possibilities as you progress on your Journey of Liberation.

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD, Internationally Renowned Meditation Master & Scholar

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

Internationally Renowned Buddhist Master & Scholar

Tillman Lhundrup has been teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy for over 40 years

Tilmann Lhundrup

Life-long Meditation Teacher and Retreat Coach

Dr. Stephen Dansiger teaches meditation and addiction recovery at Mindworks

Stephen Dansiger, PsyD

PsyD, MFT, therapist and meditation teacher

Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Bart Mendel

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

Vinny Ferraro teaches meditation from the heart on Mindworks

Vinny Ferraro

Meditation Teachings from the Heart

Khaydroup Podvoll is a Mind Trainer on Mindworks who teaches the benefits of being in the present moment

Khaydroup Podvoll

Contemplative Practitioner, Meditator & Teacher

Reverend Joseph Rogers is a specialist in addiction recovery and teaches meditation to aid recovery

Reverend Joseph Rogers

Chaplain and Meditation Instructor for Recovery

Pamela Gayle White is a skilled write on all things meditation for Mindworks

Pamela Gayle White

Long-term meditation teacher, author and translator

Sara-Mai Conway is a Buddhist writer who bases her writings and teachings on her Buddhist practice and experience

Sara-Mai Conway

Writer and Meditation Instructor

A very happy meditator for Mindworks

Bobby – Community Engagement

Mindworks has made a profound difference to my life, especially when going through hard times. During a recent traumatic event, I was level-headed and a pillar of compassion for those around me who were also experiencing the trauma. I ascribe this to the revelations and changes that have come from my meditation practice. Thank you, Mindworks!

Can dogs meditate?

Siobhán – Registered Nurse

I would like to say how much I’m enjoying the courses. I’m finding the whole process and practice illuminating, fascinating and profoundly meaningful…..thank you!

Stephan meditates with Mindworks

Stephan – Consultant

Mindworks is hands down the best meditation site! The combination of thoughtful guided meditations with an excellent and diverse combination of speakers make the Journey thoroughly enjoyable and without exaggeration a life changing experience. I highly recommend that everyone should make the most of it!

Smile Icon

Tina – Retail Sales

I am highly motivated to follow the next level on a daily basis! The benefits from Levels 1 and 2 are evident and I am grateful for this. This is the most challenging meditation I have ever done. The pace and the guidance is excellent. Thank you very much for everything !

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Frequently Asked Questions

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