Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

About Bart Mendel

Bart Mendel is the founder of Mindworks and the architect of Mindworks’ progressive meditation and teaching system. Bart embarked on a path of Buddhist meditation study and practice early in life—including periods of intensive retreat—under the guidance of some of the world’s most respected Buddhist masters. With a lifetime of dedicated practice, Bart’s teachers encouraged him to share his knowledge and passion for all things meditation with others. At this writing, he’s been teaching Buddhist philosophy and meditation for 45 years throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. As a teacher, Bart is known (and loved) for his down-to-earth clarity, enthusiasm, accessibility, and humor.

Bart and his wife Suzan Garner were inspired to found Mindworks as a nonprofit in 2015 due to their gratitude for the Buddhist wisdom teachings they’d received. Through their close relationships with Buddhist masters and teachers spanning many decades, Mindworks was born with the mission to make genuine systematic mindfulness and Buddhist meditation teachings accessible to the world.

Buddhist meditation practice is the key that allows Bart to balance family, work, everyday challenges, and Mindworks. Bart’s son Tokpa Korlo is Mindworks’ Chief Creative Officer.

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