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Mindworks gift certificates for meditation courses are truly gifts that keep on giving. The gift of meditation is good for the giver, the receiver and the world! Mindfulness is ecologically friendly, as it lessens the pollution we all create through our negative emotions. And coupled with genuine awareness practice, we can bring about positive change through well-being and insight.

Mindworks gift certificates - look in the box!

Give meditation to a family member or friend, your boss (hint hint), someone who has everything and doesn’t know it, or even your sworn or mortal enemy. Everyone can benefit from meditation! Gift certificates are discounted off the course price: a good deal for all!

Each gift certificate entitles the bearer to their choice of one of the following courses in the grid below.

Fun and easy-to-follow, courses are appropriate for beginning meditators as well as for anyone interested in establishing and maintaining a daily practice. Mindworks online courses offer progressive modules featuring daily guided meditations, Mind Talk videos taught by international meditation experts, articles and contemplations.

You can specify a date for delivery, such as a birthday or special occasion, or deliver immediately. You’ll be able to include a personalized note to your recipient. Please fill out the form to start your gift.

Want to give more than one gift certificate? Please enter one at a time and wait 24 hours between purchases to allow the first gift to process. For bulk or special orders, contact us.

Meditation—the perfect gift for someone who has everything, nothing, or what’s in between.

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Give the gift of mindfulness and awareness to make the world a better place. Fill out the gift details form to start your gift.

A Mindworks gift certificate entitles the recipient to one of the following courses.

Click on the course for full descriptions. Courses are appropriate for people of all levels, from beginners to seasoned meditators who want to go deeper into their practice.

Course Length - 14 days
Learn the fundamentals of meditation practice

Training in mindfulness brings joy and many benefits to body and mind

Course Length - 7 days
meditation course on working with relationships

Connecting with our true qualities results in healthier relationships

Course Length - 10 days
Generosity is developed in meditation - butter lamp image

Mindful forgiveness is an effective, powerful practice for recovery

Course Length - 8 days
Online meditation course to help relieve stress

Insight into the mechanics of stress with practical mindfulness-based solutions

Course Length - 8 days
Meditation course on working with emotions

Understand the nature of emotions to work with them more effectively

Course Length - 8 days
Addiction and meditation practice

Understanding the symptoms, causes & meditative intervention for recovery

Course Length - 7 days
Discover true inner happiness through meditation online course

Meditation reveals true sources of happiness that are already within

Meditation gift ideas

Our gift certificates take the guesswork out of gift giving. Finished, those tedious searches for the perfect tie, hoodie or pair of cashmere socks. No more finding out that the person you bought that premium chocolate for has just gone on a strict diet. Or that they’ve already read the book. Or will never use a membership to the local fitness center because they work out at home.

Instead, give the gift of meditation! The recipient’s Mindworks certificate can be redeemed for any of the six courses on offer, making it the perfect gift for someone who meditates already as well as a jim-dandy meditation gift for beginners. It’s also a great way to give someone the tools to work with stress or improve their relationships without having to come out and say you think they need to.

We designed our courses for you, but it turns out they’re also a well-appreciated and affordable carbon-neutral gift for meditation lovers of all walks. Our fans say that Mindworks certificates are primo meditation gifts because each course is a complete package that offers one to two weeks of instructions, guided meditations, reading materials and inspiring, accessible mind talks. Plus, gift certificates are less expensive than the usual course price. And now that that’s done, you have more time for your own practice.