Working with Stress

Reduce stress and anxiety with the proven coping skill of authentic meditation

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What Will You Gain in Working with Stress? 

Diminish stress and anxiety

Gain insight into stress and its mindful solutions

Disrupt unskillful thought patterns

Uncover the habits of mind that lead to reactivity

Employ effective coping skills

Learn new ways to prevent or overcome stress

Experience a new perspective

See all things with greater clarity and openness

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Minimize stress with practical mindfulness-based solutions

In this 8-day meditation course, you’ll learn the ABCs of how to meditate to reduce stress. Meditation is an effective long-term stress solution because it helps us discern which demands on our energetic resources are valid and which aren’t. When we see the big picture with more clarity and spaciousness, our situation becomes more workable. Benefits include:

  • Learn from an experienced psychologist and meditation teacher
  • Reduce stress and anxiety with a simple meditation practice
  • Understand what makes mindfulness an effective coping skill
  • Experience a new way to perceive stressful situations
  • Develop insight into the emotional patterns that cause stress
  • See why meditating today can protect you from future stress

Ways to Get Started

Whether you choose an individual course or bundle, or gain full access to all our courses with a Premium Membership, our progressive online mindfulness courses make learning authentic meditation easy, accessible and fun. Not sure where to begin? Get started with Level 1, our most popular course, for free!

Working with Stress


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Experience calm with the insight of meditation and other evidence-based stress reduction techniques

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Working with Stress Trainers

Get to know the meditation teachers and life coaches who will lead you through this course on Working with Stress.

Maria Camara PhD is a specialist in stress reduction through meditation

Maria Camara, PhD

Psychologist, Therapist & Meditation Teacher

Rachel Parrish teaches how to meditate on Mindworks

Rachel Parrish

Dedicated Meditator and Teacher

Khaydroup Podvoll is a Mind Trainer on Mindworks who teaches the benefits of being in the present moment

Khaydroup Podvoll

Contemplative Practitioner, Meditator & Teacher

Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Bart Mendel

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

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Tina – Retail Sales

I am highly motivated to follow the next level on a daily basis! The benefits from Levels 1 and 2 are evident and I am grateful for this. This is the most challenging meditation I have ever done. The pace and the guidance is excellent. Thank you very much for everything !

An artistic rendering of a woman, could be a meditator

Susan – Writer and Artist

I recently completed the nine-level Journey to Wellbeing and it has profoundly changed my life. I’ve learned to calm my mind with clear, practical instructions on how to let go and not react to my emotions. This is the first time I’ve truly understood mindfulness and have seen real change in my behavior and relationships. It’s a gift I won’t waste.

Meditation has been a big help for healing

Quentin – Army Veteran

The 9 Level Path to Transformation was amazing and helped me build a strong, consistent meditation foundation and I loved the whole journey. The program has helped me survive this pandemic and changed my life. Deep gratitude! I love Mindworks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does mindfulness reduce stress and anxiety?

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