Meditation Essentials

Experience more joy, clarity and ease with an authentic, complete meditation training

A woman cross legged using knowledge gained from Mindworks' Meditation Essentials

What Will You Gain in Meditation Essentials? 

A complete meditation training system

Authentic practices taught by expert Mind Trainers

Cultivate a consistent daily practice

Build a meditation routine you look forward to

Benefit body and mind

Experience the true benefits of greater well-being

Transform your everyday life

Skillfully integrate insights into daily living

An image of a woman sitting amongst a lotus meditating - preparing for a Meditation Essentials Course

An exceptional guided meditation course

This Meditation Essentials course is not your typical mindfulness training. Learn an authentic, progressive meditation practice from genuine Mind Trainers. Build a solid foundation and an enjoyable meditation routine in just 14 days. Partner short guided meditations with insightful instruction that sparks powerful insight into how your mind works.

  • Learn to meditate properly and get inspired to keep practicing
  • Practice true mindfulness and uncover the insight of awareness
  • Make the most of your time by following a genuine training system
  • Understand how daily guided meditations benefit body and mind
  • Discover the power of meditation to add more meaning to your life
  • Receive a certificate of completion after 14-days of daily study

Ways to Get Started

Whether you choose an individual course or bundle, or gain full access to all our courses with a Premium Membership, our progressive online mindfulness courses make learning authentic meditation easy, accessible and fun. Not sure where to begin? Get started with Level 1, our most popular course, for free!

Meditation Essentials


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Cultivate greater well-being in just 20-minutes per day with genuine mindfulness meditation training

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Your Meditation Essentials Trainers

Get to know the meditation teachers and life coaches who will lead you through Meditation Essentials

Lama Tsony teaches meditation practices on Mindworks

Lama Tsony Devroux

Life-Long Meditator & Teacher