Reverend Joseph Rogers is a specialist in addiction recovery and teaches meditation to aid recovery

Chaplain and Meditation Instructor for Recovery

About Reverend Joseph Rogers

Reverend Joseph Rogers, MDiv is a healthcare chaplain who has been practicing meditation since 2005. Inspired by the benefits of his sitting practice, he has guided mindfulness meditation practices for teens with substance abuse issues since 2007. He brings an inspired, heartfelt approach to the applications of mindfulness and other meditation practices on the path to recovery from addiction.

Joseph completed an MDiv in Buddhist chaplaincy at University of the West, where he currently teaches a class in process methodology. Along the way, he has served as a hospice chaplain and healthcare chaplain at UCLA’s Santa Monica Medical Center. One of his fields of expertise is the use of meditation as a support for recovery from addiction. A passionate teacher, guide and inspiration, Rev. Joseph Rogers offers a fresh and encouraging approach to the age-old challenges of substance abuse and recovery. Joseph is a featured Mind Trainer in our Addiction, Recovery and Forgiveness meditation course.

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