Mindworks: a complete system of meditation training

What we do. Mindworks offers online meditation training courses for meditators of all levels. Our timeless, genuine methods can get your practice going or rekindle the spark, keep you steady, and help you explore how to apply your practice in everyday situations and challenges.

We present our online meditation classes in complete, progressive packages ranging from a few days to two weeks. You choose the program that interests you and proceed at your own pace. Mindworks’ systematic online meditation courses feature videos, guided meditations, articles, and daily inspirations by our phenomenal mind trainers: an exceptional group of expert meditation coaches and teachers from across the planet.

From mindfulness classes for beginners to advanced meditation courses for those who want to delve deep, Mindworks Journeys programs and other courses unlock potentials and transform lives. Plus, they’re fun─and there’s always something new to discover.

Who we are. The Mindworks journey begins with CMO (Chief Meditation Officer) Bart Mendel. Bart fell in love with meditation and Buddhist philosophy fresh out of college in the 1970s.

After decades of practicing under the guidance of some of the world’s most accomplished meditation masters, Bart’s teachers asked him to carry the torch. He became known for his down-to-earth, accessible style peppered with irreverent humor.

Meanwhile, internet became a thing. Bart and his wife and co-conspirator Suzan Garner, also a dedicated practitioner, discovered some fine mindfulness teachers and guided meditations online, but they weren’t finding the coherent programs that could lead people from the ABCs of learning mindfulness to the transformative depths of meditation. And they knew this was something they could offer.

Supported by their techie friends Sascha and Laura, Bart and Suzan began to select gems from the treasure trove of teachings they’d received from their own remarkable guides and making them available to others. Together with a powerful international network of fantastic teachers, the original Mindworks team set out to create the best online meditation courses imaginable.

Over the years, the team has evolved and the presentation has developed into a powerful system of advanced, progressive meditation courses. Bart works closely with his son, Mindworks’ artistic director and Chief Creative Officer Tokpa Korlo, while the Mindworks network of mind trainers, meditation coaches and online meditation course offerings continues to expand.

Why we exist. We’ll hand the mic to our happy meditators and graduates of our 9-level Journey to Well-Being:

Happy meditator Cathe“After completing the free Foundations course, I wanted and needed more. Fast-forward seven months later: I finished the Journey to Well Being series and have started the Journey to Compassion. As a result, my brain has rewired, and my heart has purified. I am not the same person. My marriage and other close relationships are thriving. Don’t deprive yourself of this miraculous experience.” Cathe, Teacher

“I started Mindworks courses 4 months ago and have not missed a single day! It has really made a big difference—but in a very subtle way—to my life.” Smriti, College Professor

“I recently completed the nine-level Journey to Wellbeing and it has profoundly changed my life. I’ve learned to calm my mind with clear, practical instructions on how to let go and not react to my emotions. This is the first time I’ve truly understood mindfulness and have seen real change in my behavior and relationships. It’s a gift I won’t waste.” Susan, Writer & Artist

Meditation has been a big help for healing“The 9 Level Path to Transformation was amazing and helped me build a strong, consistent meditation foundation and I loved the whole journey. The program has helped me survive this pandemic and changed my life. Deep gratitude! I love Mindworks!” Quentin, Army veteran

Mindworks happy customer“The meditation practice is very freeing. I can just be where I am in the moment. In contrast to so many practices I’ve tried, it encompasses how to deal with emotions with a greater awareness of the human condition. Mindworks has made a big difference in my life!” Juli, Bookkeeper

Stephan meditates with Mindworks“Mindworks is hands down the best meditation site! The combination of thoughtful guided meditations with an excellent and diverse combination of speakers make the Journey thoroughly enjoyable and without exaggeration a life changing experience. I highly recommend that everyone should make the most of it!” Stephan, Consultant

We are so fortunate to have access to this authentic meditation guidance.“Even though I’ve been a meditation practitioner for many years, Mindworks has opened new doors in my mind. I’ve completed through Level 9 now, and I can now see how to interact with the world and people in a more positive way. We are so fortunate to have access to this authentic meditation guidance.” Marion, Bookkeeper

THIS is why we exist. Over 16,000 people have taken our free online beginner’s introduction to meditation course: that’s 16,000 happy meditators and counting. We’re grateful for the feedback and stoked by the number of people who want to learn meditation and continue to trust Mindworks to guide them further along this amazing journey.

We’re an educational 501c3 non-profit: our sole purpose is to make it possible for you to discover the power of meditation using genuine, time-tested methods. Not only possible, but also enjoyable, affirming, and transformative.

Learn more about what makes Mindworks who we are—and 7 reasons our online meditation classes are so effective.