Level 2: 4 Noble Truths

Understand the essence of the spiritual path, the first teaching given by the Buddha

4 lotuses growing in water - an image signifying the Buddha's 4 noble truths

What You’ll Gain in Level 2: 4 Noble Truths

Strengthen your motivation to practice

Clarify what brings you to spirituality and why

Understand your true natural state

Learn that suffering is caused, and not inevitable

Cultivate a mind that inclines toward freedom

Discover why the mind holds the key to awakening

Let go of clinging to past, unhelpful stories

Uncover a deeper meaning of the four noble truths

Roadmap of Buddhist Fundamentals course highlighting the 4 noble truths, the first teaching of the Buddha

The 2nd Stage in Your Journey to Liberation

Our Journey continues with the Buddha’s first teaching, the Four Noble Truths. We see that our own mind is the source of our pain but also holds infinite potential for lasting contentment and joy. We realize all that arises in the mind can be utilized on the path to guide us toward freedom. By deeply accepting our suffering, we learn to let it go.

  • Strengthen your practice of refuge by clarifying your motivation
  • Further advance a consistent, daily meditation practice
  • Embrace parts of yourself you’ve ignored as vital along the path
  • Understand why samsara and nirvana are perpetuated in the mind
  • Develop faith that to suffer is not your natural state
  • Cultivate a mind that will bring about good in your life

Ways to Get Started

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Level 2: 4 Noble Truths


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An introduction to the vast and profound wisdom of the truth of dissatisfaction

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Your Level 2 Mind Trainers

Get to know the dharma teachers and meditation experts who will lead you to new possibilities as you progress on your Journey of Liberation.

Tillman Lhundrup has been teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy for over 40 years

Tilmann Lhundrup

Life-long Meditation Teacher and Retreat Coach

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD, Internationally Renowned Meditation Master & Scholar

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

Internationally Renowned Buddhist Master & Scholar

Lama Jampa Thaye, Meditation Master and Scholar

Lama Jampa Thaye, PhD

Meditation Master and Buddhist Scholar

Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Bart Mendel

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

Khaydroup Podvoll is a Mind Trainer on Mindworks who teaches the benefits of being in the present moment

Khaydroup Podvoll

Contemplative Practitioner, Meditator & Teacher

Sara-Mai Conway is a Buddhist writer who bases her writings and teachings on her Buddhist practice and experience

Sara-Mai Conway

Writer and Meditation Instructor

Lama Tsony teaches meditation practices on Mindworks

Lama Tsony Devroux

Life-Long Meditator & Teacher

Mindworks Journey to Well-Being Level 9 Graduate!

Laura – Retired

I’ve contemplated how much this meditation has opened my mind to ‘the gold mine within’! I feel more kind and confident with each day’s meditation. This sense of well-being is now the foundation as I face each day’s challenges.

Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways

Jacklyn – Marketing

Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways. I sincerely encourage anyone who wants to grow in their practice to see where it takes you.

Mindworks has instilled truly transformative changes in my personal and professional life

Chris – Fund Manager

I’ve found that Mindworks has instilled truly transformative changes in my personal and professional life and relationships. It’s intelligently designed by experienced meditators, with short, carefully interwoven guided learning segments that are both joyful to use and immediately rewarding. I couldn’t be more pleased with my Mindworks experience and highly recommend it to everyone.

Up Next on Your Journey

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