Tillman Lhundrup has been teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy for over 40 years

Life-long Meditation Teacher and Retreat Coach

About Tilmann Lhundrup

Born in Germany, Lama Lhundrup (Tilmann Borghardt M.D.) began practicing meditation in the late 1970s. In 1981 he met the great Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Gendun Rinpoche and was inspired to learn about and experience meditation as taught in a variety of traditions from Burma to Tibet and beyond.

Lhundrup also studied medicine and received his M.D. degree in 1986, with additional training in homeopathy. Following his medical studies, he began a period of intensive practice. He remained in full retreat for seven years in France under the guidance of Gendun Rinpoche, who subsequently asked him to guide others during the traditional three year retreats.

Lhundrup’s life experiences include marriage, monasticism, and solitary and group meditation retreats. He speaks several languages , translates from Tibetan, and travels and teaches extensively throughout Europe and Brazil. He is interested in the interface between Buddhist contemplative practices and psychotherapy, and enjoys writing about contemporary approaches to ancient Buddhist practices. Lhundrup’s joy in learning about, practicing, and sharing his knowledge of meditation has been a great constant in his life. Currently, his activity is based at the Ekayana Institute for Contemporary Buddhism in southern Germany.

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