Mindworks—the meditation app for a better way of being.

Mindworks teaches a combination of mindfulness & awareness practice because calming your mind is one thing—and keeping it calm in this complex and demanding world is another.

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Mindworks makes meditation simple, personal and accessible.

Mindworks provides a host of features to be explored at your own pace. Only have a moment? Get inspired with a quick Daily Cup Contemplation or short, practical Mind Talk. Have a bit more time? Practice along with our expert Guided Meditations or go solo with a Timed Meditation. Ready to go deeper? Join us on Mindworks Journey for more healthiness, clarity and contentment.

“Mindworks offers a lineup of app features in an elegant, user-friendly interface. The Mind Talks are led by teachers who avoid jargon in favor of down-to-earth observations, insights and advice.”

— Tricycle Magazine

Meditation has the power to transform our lives.

Meditation is more than just a method of relaxation. It’s a powerful tool that can help us manage stress, anxiety and depression and improve sleep, focus and productivity. When practiced regularly meditation also helps us become more tolerant, resilient and flexible. We gain confidence and our expectations become more realistic. Meditation helps us understand how our minds work and how to work with our minds to create lasting positive change.

Mindworks Journey

Mindworks Journey

Mindworks Journey maps out a progressive path to help us establish a regular practice and deepen our meditation experience. The Journey has 9 levels that guide us through genuine personal transformation to greater well-being. Each level of the Journey takes us on a curated tour of app content:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Daily Cup Contemplations
  • Selected Mind Talks
  • Insightful Blog Articles

Best of all, it only takes 15–20 minutes of your busy day.

Navigate Life’s Challenges

We all encounter challenges that reach beyond our day-to-day issues. This is why Mindworks created Working with Challenges modules. These modules provide essential guidance that shows us how to use meditation practice to navigate real-life struggles such as stress, difficult relationships and addiction.

Mindworks Journey

Your Mindworks Subscription at Work

Mindworks is a startup non-profit 501c3. That means your subscription dollars go directly into app technology, content production, promotion and support for our awesome Mind Trainers. Your contribution enables us to bring more accessible, authentic meditation guidance to you and our worldwide users, so download the app and subscribe today!

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