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Happy meditator Elke“I went through the first 3 journey levels and fell hopelessly in love with it and how it affects me in the positive. I want to continue this wonderful program till I leave this body. I’m 79 yrs old and the adage of “you can’t teach an old dog tricks” hasn’t met me.” Elke, Retired

Discover your mind’s potential.

Mindworks’ online meditation courses take the guesswork out of practice—whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned meditator. How do we do it? By bringing together some of the best meditation teachers on the planet and incorporated their teachings into elegant, well-formulated and accessible online programs we call Meditation Journeys and Life Navigation Courses. Our outstanding system of guided mindfulness and awareness meditations is designed to help you start, stabilize, and deepen your practice—and seriously enjoy yourself along the way.

Our core offerings are:

Find out what’s so unique about our online meditation courses.

Embark on a Journey to greater well-being

We want to help you discover the full power of authentic meditation. That’s why Mindworks created the 9-level Journey to Well-Being—the best online meditation course out there (ask our users!). Follow insightful, well-structured teachings to establish a stable, joyful practice, learn to recognize and disrupt obstacles, and connect with your potential for genuine well-being.

Meditation Classes for Beginners
Meditation Classes for Beginners

Embark on a journey to greater well being

We want to help you discover the full power of authentic meditation. That’s why Mindworks created the 9-level Journey to Well-Being—the best online meditation course out there (ask our users!). Follow insightful, well-structured teachings to establish a stable, joyful practice, learn to recognize and disrupt obstacles, and connect with your potential for genuine well-being.

Here’s what you’ll get with Mindworks Journeys and Life Navigation Courses

Meditation Instructions

We teach genuine methods. All of our online meditation classes are based on time-tested teachings and guided meditations and are constructed to create a fun and encouraging learning environment.

Pamela Gayle White Mind Trainer for Mindworks

Team of Mind Trainers

We speak from direct experience.  Grounded in personal practice, our teachers have a common goal: to inspire you to discover the transformative power of mindfulness and awareness meditation practices for yourself.

Practice with Life’s Challenges

Life is unpredictable. Some surprises are welcome, others, well… Experience how a stable meditation practice can help you embrace life’s highs and lows with confidence and equanimity.

What our happy customers say:

"The Journey levels are proceeding well - very high quality content! I love meeting the all-star cast of meditators."
Happy meditator Virginia
Virginia Phillips
Retired writer
"Since starting my Mindworks journey, I experience more joy, freedom and calmness in my life, which I can also share with others. Well-structured sessions, quality talks and inspiring trainers give the perfect level of motivation to go beyond habitual patterns and purify negativity. I can practice daily to let go and just be who I am."
Babett loves Mindworks meditation

A note from our Founder:

“I believe in the power of meditation to bring genuine well-being, but only if practiced consistently as a complete path, with reliable guides.”

Bart hitchhiking in 1976

Bart transformed through meditation (and a few decades)

Dear Friends,

When I was 20 years old, I discovered an authentic meditation path taught by superbly accomplished meditation masters. Even back then, I recognized that practice was always going to be a guiding principle in my life. Regular meditation has given me the insight and tools for a successful and fulfilling life.

Back in 2015, along with a small group of family members and volunteers, I founded Mindworks to give more people access to the transformative power of meditation. We built a network that includes some of the best meditation teachers on the planet and incorporated their teachings into Mindworks Online Meditation Courses. Our offerings have grown into a complete, well-structured system of interwoven online meditation teachings meant to be practiced on the cushion and in everyday life. Our students report that Mindworks Journeys are truly life-changing.

Thanks to my teachers and ongoing exploration of meditation practice, I’ve experienced the deep and affirmative effect of meditation training in my own life. My heartfelt wish is that our Mindworks programs will allow you to discover the transformative joys of meditation for yourself!

Bart Mendel
Founder & Mind Trainer

P.S. In recent years, meditation has become big business—especially with the proliferation of mindfulness classes online—and it can be hard to know where to find authentic teachings. Mindworks is small and mighty, and exists only for the benefit of our students. Find out why we’re so unique. As a 501c3 non-profit, we’re here to help.

Free course – Level 1: Fundamentals

Start your Mindworks Journey to greater well-being today.

No credit card required. Full 14-day course!

Mindworks Journey to Well‑Being

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned meditator looking to deepen your practice, our advanced, online meditation classes are designed for you. Join us on our Journey to Well-Being to realize your mind’s full potential for happiness, resilience and personal transformation.

Free Course!
Course Length - 14 days
learn the basics of meditation fundamentals
Journey to Well-Being

Unlock your potential for a meaningful life, through the practice of meditation

Course Length - 14 days
Journey Level 2 practice meditation online course
Journey to Well-Being

Learn to recognize thoughts and emotions as they arise

Course Length - 14 days
Mindworks Journey L3 Stabilize your meditation online course
Journey to Well-Being

Maintain balance and mindful focus in challenging situations

Mindworks Journey to Compassion

Share our second Journey series, an advanced 6-part course designed to help you develop and practice compassion. Focusing on the timeless teachings of metta meditation, the 4 immeasurable qualities, and tonglen—the practice of sending and taking—Mindworks Journey to Compassion helps you discover how to open your heart to genuine lovingkindness.

Course Length - 14 days
Meditation leads to understanding how your mind works
Journey to Compassion

Recognize the roots of happiness as the foundation for a meaningful life

Course Length - 14 days
Take a meditative journey to equanimity and peace of mind
Journey to Compassion

Empower your natural goodness with the four immeasurable qualities

Course Length - 14 days
Lovingkindness is the threshold of compassion
Journey to Compassion

Connect with your heart and learn to love fearlessly

Life Navigation Courses

Mindworks Life Navigation Courses cover a broad spectrum of interests and challenges. From stress, to relationships, to mind-body health and practice in the workplace, these complete, well-rounded programs take from 7 to 14 days to complete. They include guided meditations, talks, articles, and videos for an accessible, enjoyable learning experience.

Course Length - 14 days
Learn the fundamentals of meditation practice

Training in mindfulness brings joy and many benefits to body and mind

Course Length - 7 days
meditation course on working with relationships

Connecting with our true qualities results in healthier relationships

Course Length - 8 days
Online meditation course to help relieve stress

Insight into the mechanics of stress with practical mindfulness-based solutions

Mindworks is offering a free eBook to help you optimize your practice. Getting the Most Out of Meditation clearly introduces the different forms of meditation and explains where they can lead you.

We’re convinced that most everyone—and especially you—can benefit from meditation, provided you find the practice that’s the right fit. By providing insights into the ABCs of mindfulness and awareness, Mindworks’ free Meditation eBook will help you see the big meditation picture. Download for free and read it today to discover the best way to learn meditation and get the most beneficial results from the time you put into your practice.

“Mindworks offers a lineup of features in an elegant, user-friendly interface. The Mind Talks are led by teachers who avoid jargon in favor of down-to-earth observations, insights and advice.”

— Tricycle Magazine