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Real meditation for real results. Join us on a meditation journey to personal transformation.

Mindworks makes meditation simple, personal and accessible.

Mindworks teaches mindfulness meditation

Mindworks offers meditation training for people of all experience levels and backgrounds: people just like you. Led by an international team of expert Mind Trainers, our curated courses skip the jargon and offer a straightforward approach to creating lasting positive change in your life. How? The study and practice of meditation lead to enhanced self-awareness and contribute to a meaningful life.

Take our courses at your own pace, when and where you want to. Wondering how to start? We recommend our Meditation Fundamentals course. It’s designed to get newcomers going as well as to help meditators of all levels establish, maintain and invigorate their practice.

Science confirms that meditation supports mental and physical health and leads to enhanced self-awareness. Get started on your Mindworks journey to your best you today.

Online meditation courses for all experience levels and interests.

Course Length - 14 days
Learn the fundamentals of meditation practice

Training in mindfulness brings joy and many benefits to body and mind

Course Length - 7 days
meditation course on working with relationships

Connecting with our true qualities results in healthier relationships

Course Length - 8 days

Insight into the mechanics of stress with practical mindfulness-based solutions

Take a journey to greater well‑being

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned meditator looking to deepen your practice, Mindworks Journey is designed for you. We’ve curated our best guided meditations, videos and teachings into nine progressive Mindworks Journey levels. These insightful modules—from foundation to transformation—will help you learn to meditate properly, establish a solid, joyful practice and experience genuine well-being.

Join us on Mindworks Journey to bring out your mind’s full potential for happiness, resilience and personal transformation.

Course Length - 14 days
Journey Level 1 Discover the wonders of meditation

Unlock your potential for a meaningful life, through the practice of meditation

Course Length - 14 days
Journey Level 2 practice meditation online course

Learn to recognize thoughts and emotions as they arise

Course Length - 14 days

Maintain balance and mindful focus in challenging situations

“Mindworks offers a lineup of features in an elegant, user-friendly interface. The Mind Talks are led by teachers who avoid jargon in favor of down-to-earth observations, insights and advice.”

— Tricycle Magazine

Meditation has the power to transform lives.

Yes, mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that helps us relax and manage stress. And yes, mindfulness reinforces resilience, emotional intelligence and productivity. But the benefits of meditation don’t stop there. Once the foundations of mindfulness have been established, we can apply the focus and flexibility gained from our practice to a thoughtful examination of how the mind works. This is called awareness practice. At Mindworks, mindfulness and awareness meditation are the essential elements of your transformative journey.

Mindworks Meditation How It Works

Support your journey with the Mindworks app.

Mindworks has a free app as part of their meditation courses

Mindworks offers one of the best meditation apps with a host of features that complement and enhance our meditation courses, including

  • Daily Cup Contemplations to uplift your day
  • Clear, accessible Guided Meditations
  • Short, inspiring Mind Talk videos on a variety of topics
  • Meditation Timer
  • Meditation Tracker

All teachings and meditations are led by members of our international team of expert, awesome Mind Trainers. Download the free meditation app today!

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What our happy customers say:

"Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways. I sincerely encourage anyone who wants to grow in their practice to see where it takes you. "
"Amazing. This has re-energized my meditation practice tremendously. And the Mind Talks really take practicing to the next level. I highly recommend it. "