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Progressive Educator & Meditation Teacher

About Wendelin Wagner

With a BA degree in neuroscience and over 30 years as a middle and high school teacher, Wendelin brings 25 years of formal meditation practice to her perspective on young folk and the life of the mind. With family roots in Zen and hippie counterculture, Wendelin is a product of the open alternative movement in education and helped design the high school she attended. Highlights in her teaching career include exploring the mysteries of nature alongside middle school students and co-founding a study abroad high school in New Zealand combining travel, scholarship and self-introspection.

Wendelin is now the partner school coordinator and science teacher at Global Village School where she shepherds budding educational programs and teaches the Buddhist Path to Peace course that she authored. She lives at a retreat center in rural Virginia with her husband, Lama Tsony Devroux and Phendé, their accommodating rescue dog. Check out her course on Meditation for Parents.

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