Level 2: Practice

Expand your mindfulness practice, and its benefits, by taking your meditations to the next level.

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What Will You Gain in Level 2: Practice? 

Enhance your meditation experience

Go beyond the basics to access deeper benefits

Transform your relationship to your mind

Work directly with thoughts and emotions

Experience more everyday spaciousness

Let go of fear and attachment to outcomes

Recognize your innate habits

See how the mind works to shape your reality

Level 2 Practice, part of the progressive path through Mindwork's Journey to Well-Being meditation program

The 2nd Stage in Your Journey to Well-Being

Make practicing mindfulness meditation a daily habit. Hone your meditation technique and access a deeper level of mental health and wellbeing. Learn why meditation nourishes. The Journey continues with guided meditations and Mind Talks from mindfulness meditation experts. Lessons include the following:

  • Continue to establish a daily, consistent mindfulness practice
  • Deepen your practice of breath and body meditations
  • Work with thoughts and emotions directly
  • Create more space in your life by letting go of expectations
  • Recognize and address your helpful, and unhelpful, patterns
  • Learn how the mind works to shape your reality

Ways to Get Started

Whether you choose the Journey course bundle or gain full access to all our courses with a Premium Membership, our progressive online mindfulness courses make learning authentic meditation easy, accessible and fun. Not sure where to begin? Get started with Level 1, our most popular course, for free!

Level 2: Practice


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Transform your relationship to thoughts and emotions. Deepen your mindfulness meditation practice.

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Your Level 2 Mind Trainers

Get to know the meditation teachers and life coaches who will lead you to new possibilities as you continue on your Journey of Well-Being.

Trinlay Rinpoche is a meditation master who teaches philosophy and the benefits of meditation on Mindworks

Trinlay Rinpoche

Accomplished Meditator and Buddhist Scholar

Rachel Parrish teaches how to meditate on Mindworks

Rachel Parrish

Dedicated Meditator and Teacher

Tokpa Korlo is the Chief Creative Officer on Mindworks and teaches meditation

Tokpa Korlo

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Bart Mendel is the architect of Mindworks progressive meditation system.

Bart Mendel

Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

Lama Jampa Thaye, Meditation Master and Scholar

Lama Jampa Thaye, PhD

Meditation Master and Buddhist Scholar

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD, Internationally Renowned Meditation Master & Scholar

Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

Internationally Renowned Buddhist Master & Scholar

Lama Tsony teaches meditation practices on Mindworks

Lama Tsony Devroux

Life-Long Meditator & Teacher

Moms can meditate too!

Carrie – Stay-at-home Mom

I have just completed the 2nd module of the Journey to Well Being and just wanted to thank you so much for these amazing courses. I have already learned a great deal and each day I look forward to my daily sessions with Mindworks!

Smriti is a dedicated meditator and loves Mindworks

Smriti – College Professor

I started Mindworks courses 4 months ago and have not missed a single day! It has really made a big difference—but in a very subtle way—to my life.

Alice has greatly appreciated Mindworks courses

Alice Keech – Practice Assistant

Your team and your courses have changed mine and my family’s life for the better. I am truly humbled by how we have not only weathered some challenging situations but in the course of deepening our understanding of ourselves, we have come out the other side stronger than before. Thank you for showing me how to love life again; and even more so during challenging times.

Up Next on Your Journey

Our multi-level complete system of meditation training allows you to progress at your own pace.

The sun sets behind a tree in a prairie.

Level 3: Stabilize

Maintain balance and mindful focus in challenging situations

Image of a flower on hard baked earth - a symbol of resilience, which we can apply to meditation practice.

Level 4: Resilience

Cultivate a resilient mind and bring meditative stability into daily life

The sun sets over a beach as the tide comes in

Level 5: Disrupt

Let go of negative thinking patterns and begin to rewire your mind

Two cliffs overlooking the ocean with a large gap between each

Level 6: The Gap

Find freedom of choice within a spacious mind in each and every moment

A field with sheep, with mountains in the background

Level 7: Kindness

Genuinely relate to yourself and others with kind, mindful awareness


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get better at meditation?

What type of meditation is best for stopping thoughts?

What kinds of meditation help with emotions?

What meditation types are most nourishing?

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