Khenpo Dharma Mitra, a respected meditation practitioner and teacher

Meditation & Buddhist Philosophy Teacher

About Khenpo Dharma Mitra

Khenpo Dharma Mitra, a respected meditation practitioner and teacher, is appreciated for his warmth, openness and sense of humor. Born to a family of Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala, India, Khenpo was ordained as a monk at age 12, embarking on a rigorous ten-year spiritual and educational training program at a monastery in Sikkim, India. A well-rounded scholar, he studied Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan literature, grammar and history, completing the core curriculum, practice, and meditation training required for a Khenpo degree—the equivalent of a PhD—in 1992. He has taught meditation philosophy and practice for more than 30 years and serves as educational director and headmaster at several institutes of advanced learning in New Delhi and Kalimpong, India. Khenpo received his US citizenship in 2015 and travels year-round throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia, guiding meditators with his timeless East-West teachings.

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