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Physician Specializing in Mind-Body Medicine

About David Schechter MD

Dr. David Schechter obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and his Medical Degree from New York University. He has practiced family and sports medicine in southern California for over 25 years. The author of Think Away Your Pain and many other books and articles, Dr. Schechter gives his patients and readers tools to heal chronic pain through understanding its causation. Four of the means he recommends for managing stress and other factors that feed the chronic pain narrative are education, journaling, psychotherapy, and meditation.

His inspiration as a medical student was the late Dr. John Sarno, an American pioneer in the field of chronic pain management. Dr. Schechter performed research for his mentor on patients whom Dr. Sarno had diagnosed with TMS (tension myositis syndrome). Over the years, this inspiration has led Dr. Schechter to develop books, a clinical program, a workbook and other materials. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Schechter teaches and gives lectures about mind-body medicine across the nation. His results demonstrate that understanding the mind-body connection can help sufferers find relief and healing. He is a featured Mind Trainer in the course Mind Body Health and Harmony through Meditation.

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