Trinlay Rinpoche is an exceptionally accomplished meditator and scholar who has studied with some of the world’s greatest meditation masters since childhood. Born to an American mother and a father who was a long-serving member of the French Parliament, Trinlay Rinpoche began traditional spiritual training in India at the age of three. He returned to France as a teenager to pursue a Western education at the Sorbonne and other institutions in Paris and England.

Fluent in English, French and Tibetan, Rinpoche teaches meditation throughout the US, Europe and Asia. A scholar of philosophy, history and philology, he is an influential voice in dialogues with neuroscientists where he excels in presenting and discussing Buddhist views about mind’s nature and functioning. A key contributor to Mindworks, Trinlay Rinpoche’s wisdom is featured in A Course in Happiness and many of our other online meditation courses. He lives in Dordogne, France, with his wife Giselle de Saint Phalle and their young sons. See his articles on meditation here.

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Trinlay Rinpoche