Free eBook: Getting the Most out of Meditation

Mindworks is offering a free eBook to help you optimize your practice. Getting the Most Out of Meditation clearly introduces the different forms of meditation and explains where they can lead you.

First, we talk about some of the reasons that motivate us to sit, from relaxation to health benefits and from stress reduction to spiritual awakening. Then we show how the most common types of meditation are traditionally grouped under two headings: mindfulness practice and awareness meditation. What’s the difference between practicing mindfulness and practicing awareness? Do they lead to the same result? How do they fit in with your meditation goals? If your goal is personal transformation, how can mindful awareness help you achieve it?

We’re convinced that most everyone—and especially you—can benefit from meditation, provided you find the practice that’s the right fit. By providing insights into the ABCs of mindfulness and awareness, Mindworks’ free Meditation eBook will help you see the big meditation picture. Download and read it today to get the most beneficial results from the time and dedication you put into your practice.

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What’s the best way to start a meditation practice?

Why meditate? Is mindfulness simply a stress reduction technique? Whether you’re looking for stress relief, interested in learning how to practice mindfulness meditation, or wanting to improve your concentration and focus, it’s easiest to maintain a meditation practice long-term when you’ve thought about your motivation. Combine motivation with an understanding of where the different techniques lead, and your practice will bear the most fruit.

What is mindfulness practice and what is awareness meditation? Read our free, downloadable eBook to understand the difference. The concise, readable book also maps out some of the best-known meditation techniques, such as the breath awareness meditation as practiced in mindfulness-based stress reduction, for example. We know a good many people who have benefited from the mindfulness-based stress reduction program, but stress reduction is not the only good reason to meditate. For lasting personal transformation, other techniques, such as awareness meditation, may be invaluable in helping you achieve your goals.

Our introduction to meditation, which briefly and clearly presents some of the most popular objectives and methods, will help you choose and maintain your ideal practice. More than your typical mindfulness for beginners pdf download, Mindworks’ Getting the Most Out of Meditation helps you determine where you want your practice to take you and then chart your path.

Replete with accessible, non-sectarian meditation instructions and featuring tried-and-true techniques that are practiced around the planet, Mindworks makes it easy to get started and keep going with the methods that are right for you.