Mindfulness and Awareness

A 3-session training in mindfulness and awareness, two authentic types of meditation

Meditation benefits of mindfulness and awareness

What you will gain in Mindfulness and Awareness

Enhance your meditation practice

Learn the techniques of mindfulness and awareness

Experience greater spaciousness

Stabilize connection to the gap between thoughts

Create genuine personal transformation

Promote growth with these twin meditation styles

Apply meditative insight to daily life

Understand the methods that lead to realization

Stone Cairn on the Beach

Explore the twin teachings of mindfulness and awareness

This 3-session pre-recorded webinar presents the authentic practices of mindfulness and awareness. Together, these two meditation styles form the foundation for profound personal transformation. Learn how to leverage the two for a life of greater calm, spaciousness and understanding. This course is taught by Khaydroup Podvoll. Each class is one hour long and includes discussion with students. Topics include:

  • Receive practical instructions for more effective meditations
  • Improve focus and clarity with mindfulness meditation practice
  • Unwind habitual negative patterns with awareness meditation
  • Learn from the dialogue between students and their teacher
  • See how to apply your meditation practice to challenging emotions
  • Gain perspective and sense more spaciousness in everyday life



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Mindfulness and Awareness


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Train in mindfulness and awareness and reap the full benefits of meditation.

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Alice has greatly appreciated Mindworks courses

Alice Keech – Practice Assistant

Your team and your courses have changed mine and my family’s life for the better. I am truly humbled by how we have not only weathered some challenging situations but in the course of deepening our understanding of ourselves, we have come out the other side stronger than before. Thank you for showing me how to love life again; and even more so during challenging times.

Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways

Jacklyn – Marketing

Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways. I sincerely encourage anyone who wants to grow in their practice to see where it takes you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our complete program of online meditation training courses helps you discover your mind’s potential, so that you can achieve lasting personal transformation.

What is awareness in meditation?

What is the difference between mindfulness and awareness?

Is awareness part of mindfulness?

How does mindfulness increase awareness?

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