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Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Tokpa Korlo is a gifted musician, photographer, videographer and sobriety activist with a large international following. Born in Austin, Texas into a family of meditators, he lived in Nova Scotia for ten years before settling in Santa Barbara at the age of 13. In his early teens Tokpa earned recognition as a jazz guitarist, opening for Spiro Gyra and Ray Charles before heading to the prestigious California Institute of the Arts to study Jazz Performance and Composition. He continued his contemporary music studies at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where he was honored with the college’s “Outstanding Guitarist” award. Like many artists Tokpa struggled with substance abuse before rediscovering his childhood roots in meditation and changing the direction of his life. Today, Tokpa shares his inspirational journey through photography, music, video and film. The living embodiment of the transformative power of meditation, Topka brings his artistic talents and heartfelt insight to the Mindworks team as Chief Creative Officer and a Mind Trainer. Check out his blog post on Overcoming the Fear of Now.

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Tokpa Korlo
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