What is Spiritual Meditation?

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People often look to their faith and religion when faced with different experiences – whether to give thanks for the birth of a baby or to mourn a string of misfortunes. Spiritual meditation is a practice that relies on an array of meditation techniques to achieve spiritual awareness. Different religions practice meditation in different ways, the practice isn’t limited to any particular faith or religion – anybody can perform guided spiritual meditation to enjoy its immense benefits.

A word of caution: avoid self-styled gurus who profess that they’ve achieved spiritual enlightenment and have gone on to record their spiritual experiences in meditation. People who boast of spiritual enlightenment are generally misguided and can lead others astray, whether intentionally or not. The true mark of a genuine spiritual teacher is humility and gentleness. The journey to spiritual awareness through meditation takes time. Progress is definitely not achieved overnight. It takes lots of self-discipline and practice to be able to achieve spiritual success.

How to get spiritual power through meditation

Some people believe, though erroneously, that performing spiritual meditation can awaken certain superpowers such as:

  • Telepathy
  • The power of healing
  • Knowledge of people’s past and future lives
  • Levitation and defying gravity
  • Fulfillment of wishes
  • Invincibility

Some people are so fixated with acquiring these “superpowers” that they miss the entire essence of meditation: to achieve spiritual awareness. This list also proves our obsession to magic and our blindness to the real miracles that occur around us every day: the air we breathe, the sunshine we enjoy, simple acts of kindness and compassion – the list is endless. Gentle appreciation of the present moment and an attitude of kindness to all are the real fruits of spiritual enlightenment.

Keys to a successful spiritual meditation

So you’ve been yearning to tell your own spiritual experiences in meditation. The first step is to stop inquiring how to get spiritual power or achieve spiritual enlightenment through meditation and start focusing on the issues you’d like to change. Here are some tips to help you get real and start working on yourself:

  1. Release the grudges you’ve been holding

The journey to spiritual awareness is often hampered when people refuse to forgive and let go. Admittedly, forgiving someone who’s caused you harm can be extremely hard. However, holding onto grudges is holding onto pain. The sooner you forgive, the quicker you can release this pain and move on. You can do this gradually over time by learning to let go in meditation.

  1. Boost your spiritual activity

Along with the physical benefits of mindfulness, spiritual meditation leads to a healthy spiritual life. True spirituality is basically focused on benefitting others rather than yourself. It’s important to foster kindness with positive vibes by inculcating love rather than hate. As you build up your spiritual life, even though you are thinking primarily of others, you become more immune to the pain and hurt that others might inflict on you. Over time, you naturally think of others more than yourself and also see the bigger picture in every situation.

  1. Practice your faith

The best way you can feed your spirit with positivity is by genuinely practicing your faith. If you find comfort in church, mosque or simply with other like-minded people, spend time there. However, spirituality and religion are quite different. Only when religious practices maintain their core spiritual foundations can spiritual awakening truly be experienced.

  1. Open your mind to new possibilities

Every living creature on earth is connected by a certain energy that vibrates through us. Though differences in opinion may occur, this uniting feature bonds us together. Guided spiritual meditation can only succeed after accepting that you’re just a small part of the greater picture. Rather than remain inflexible in the way you think, open your mind to better prospects and newer possibilities. Embrace every change and move forward. Mental open-mindedness is key to a successful spiritual awareness.

  1. Be authentic

The common phrase “be yourself” encourages us to stop living double lives for the sake of pleasing other people. Sadly, most people have grown so accustomed to leading alien lives that they don’t have a clue how to be authentic. If the person you are at home is different from who you are at work or with friends, then you’re inauthentic. The first step to regaining your authenticity is being honest, transparent and full of integrity. Only when you’re authentic can you successfully achieve spiritual enlightenment through meditation

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