Bart Mendel is the founder of Mindworks and the architect of Mindworks’ progressive meditation and teaching system. He embarked on a path of meditation practice and study right out of college, including many periods of intensive retreat, under some of the world’s most respected meditation masters. After years of dedicated practice, Bart’s teachers encouraged him to share his knowledge and passion for all things meditation with others. At this point, Bart has been teaching meditation for over 40 years throughout the US, Canada and Europe. As a teacher, he’s known (and loved) for his down-to-earth clarity, passion and humor.

He’s also a successful entrepreneur. President of Stonemark Construction Management in Southern California, Bart’s accomplishments as a business executive and meditator/teacher make him uniquely qualified to guide others who are looking to integrate personal development and professional success.

Bart brings a centered approach to life, using meditation to balance family, work and everyday challenges. He and his wife Suzan Garner have two grown sons. Bart and Suzan live in Santa Barbara. Check out his meditation articles here.

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Bart Mendel