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Founder and Chief Meditation Officer

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Bart Mendel has studied with some of the world’s most respected meditation masters and has taught meditation for more than 35 years throughout the US, Canada and Europe. A Dallas native, Bart attended the University of Texas before embarking on an intense path of practice and study, including more than two years in solitary and group retreats. A successful entrepreneur, Bart is President of Stonemark Construction Management, a consulting firm that manages the planning, design and construction of upscale residences and commercial projects.  Bart’s accomplishments as a business executive and meditator/teacher enable him to serve as a role model for others seeking to integrate professional success and personal development. He brings a centered approach to life, applying meditation insights to balance family, work and everyday challenges. Bart serves as Mindworks Chief Meditation Officer and is a Mind Trainer. He and his wife Suzan Garner have two sons and reside in Santa Barbara. Check out Bart’s blog post on the Benefits of Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation.

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Bart Mendel
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