Stephen Dansiger’s eclectic background – Steve’s band played CBGB and Max’s Kansas City in the day and he recorded a solo album called Sensation Days – and personal experiences of substance abuse and sobriety led him to meditation and the application of mindfulness in therapeutic settings.

Dansiger is the creator of the MET(T)A protocol, an addiction treatment based on mindfulness practice and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). The protocol is designed for trauma-focused care, including the therapeutic treatment of those recovering from addiction. He trains teams at several treatment centers across the country that are in the process of adopting the protocol.

A sought-after speaker and teacher, Dr. Steve has also authored several books: Clinical Dharma: A Path for Healers and Helpers; EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness for Trauma Focused Care with colleague Dr. Jamie Marich; and, most recently, Mindfulness for Anger Management: Transformative Skills for Overcoming Anger and Managing Powerful Emotions, available in paperback from Althea Press. Dr. Steve lives in LA with his wife and young daughter.

Check out Dr. Steve’s course Psychology of Addiction that explores the intersection between meditation, recovery and modern trauma theory, and his articles on meditation, addiction, and anger management here.

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