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Mindworks growing international team of experts is comprised of highly accomplished meditators, scholars, psychologists and professionals who provide essential training in meditation practice and life coaching to help people create lasting positive change.

Mindfulness Meditation Training Techniques for Beginners

2017-09-14T10:17:19+00:00 By |

Dalai Lama, a widely renowned monk, once said that “happiness can be achieved through training the mind.” Often times, we let events and situations govern how we feel. Happiness becomes just another insignificant emotion that we experience every now and then. To add insult to injury, we constantly bow down to external pressure, whether at [...]

Do You Need a Cushion to Meditate?

2017-09-14T10:12:47+00:00 By |

If you truly desire to start meditating, you don’t really need a meditation cushion to commence. You could try sitting on a chair for starters, or simply sit on the floor if you want. The whole idea is to find a sitting position that’s most comfortable for you. There are, however, some advantages of sitting [...]

Meditation for Healing

2017-09-14T09:56:12+00:00 By |

Doctors often tell us that performing body exercises regularly is great for our health. But can you imagine if all we did was work out 24/7 without rest? The results would be counterproductive – we would develop numerous micro-tears within our muscles as well as serious bruises around the body. Rest is just as important [...]

The Meaning of Meditation and Awareness

2017-09-14T10:03:29+00:00 By |

A lot of new meditators often wonder: what does awareness mean? Awareness is a common concept in meditation that refers to paying more attention to the thoughts and feelings that inhabit us. You don’t have to do anything about your thoughts, just notice them as they come and go. This allows us to gain a [...]