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Mindworks provides essential and extensive training in meditation practice and life coaching. Our international team of meditation experts is comprised of highly accomplished meditators, scholars, psychologists, and professionals dedicated to helping people create lasting positive change. Mindworks is a startup non-profit 501c3. Subscription contributions enable us to bring more accessible, authentic meditation guidance to our users worldwide.

Can Anyone Meditate?

2018-08-17T21:51:23+00:00By |

Sometimes when people have tried to meditate and then lost interest, they wonder “Is it really possible for anyone to meditate? Or is it just the chosen few?” According to meditation experts, just about anyone can learn how to practice meditation. Individuals with serious mental illnesses are an exception in that they should be closely [...]

A Brief History of Meditation

2018-08-18T06:31:32+00:00By |

Meditators swear by the practice’s ability to bring enduring positive change into their lives. But where does meditation come from? What are its origins? Who thought it up? We don’t really know. The earliest records of meditation practice date from approximately 1500 years BCE (Before Common Era). It seems to have been an integral part [...]

How Many People Meditate?

2018-07-27T20:45:27+00:00By |

Have you ever wondered how many people in the world practice meditation? It’s a good question! Considering the immense popularity that meditation has garnered in the last few decades, we can estimate that there are presently many millions of people who meditate. One of the best-known forms of meditation in the West is mindfulness. Mindfulness [...]

Meditation Definition: What is Meditation?

2018-07-27T20:59:28+00:00By |

Have you noticed how the term meditation is often thrown around in all sorts of  contexts? Unfortunately, people today don’t really understand what is meditation. Consequently, there is a lot of confusion about how meditation should be practiced. Some individuals think that meditating means contemplating or thinking; others label this word to mean fantasizing. Truth [...]

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