What Does It Mean to Have Visions During Meditation?

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Some individuals report seeing visions during meditation. Although it may sound perplexing to certain folks, seeing visions during meditation does happen. Meditation visions often occur in a zone lying between sleep and wakefulness. Some uninformed charlatans argue that when an individual starts seeing visions during meditation, he/she has unlocked the powerful third eye. While some people report seeing visions while others experience vivid life-like dreams that hold some future truth, these types of experiences are not the point of meditation.  The goal isn’t to get some future revelation or view a hidden symbology. It’s simply to have a direct appreciation and experience for the present moment.

 How do you react to visions during meditation?

Rather than fixating your entire attention on the visions that appear, simply acknowledged them and let them pass uninterrupted. Imagine how you breath when meditating: you take a long, deep breath, pause for a while then exhale. You don’t hold the breath in for too long waiting for your lungs to utilize all the oxygen before exhaling. Breathing is a natural cycle that happens automatically. Meditation visions are much the same. Simply smile warmly as they appear and vanish. After all, they are just another thought. When you try holding on to them or analyzing them to validate your spiritual development, you’re actually barring your view and hampering your growth. It’s like putting a translucent curtain over a window – very little light will seep into the room.

Cultivating clarity and awareness is the principal rule of meditation. Seeing visions during meditation and acting on them is like walking towards a mirage in the desert while hoping that you’ll find a pool of water. Zen meditators usually encourage people to ignore meditation visions. They even refer to these visions as mara (illusions) that are aimed at distracting your overall meditation experience. By ignoring your visions during meditation, you elevate your mind and soul to higher states of knowledge. Contemplation is the process of simply watching without involving or clinging onto the object being viewed. Meditators who practice contemplation usually develop more rapidly since their spiritual wisdom evolves much faster.

The meditative journey

Khenpo Tsering is a world renowned scholar and meditation practitioner and teacher who believes that meditation helps individuals to keep a positive perspective towards life. Meditation is intended to be a process, not a one-time affair. As such, meditators need to incorporate this practice into their lifestyle. Daily meditation ought to be part and parcel of the meditator. The beauty about working with the mind is the immense health benefits that ensue: your mind calms down, relieving you of stress, anxiety and depression issues. Mindfulness also brings out our joy, love and humanity. Such remarkable results are far better than merely seeing visions during meditation.

There’s an amusing story that’s told of a new monk who once experienced meditation visions. As he was meditating, he saw Buddha. Excited by what he’d witnessed, he ran to his teacher and told him what he’d saw. “Don’t let Buddha bother you,” said the teacher, “continue meditating and he’ll vanish!” This tale has an important lesson at its core: our brains normally bring up the thing we desire most. So if your deepest wish is to have some mystical transcendental experience, you’ll probably try to create visions during meditation, rather than watching your breath.

If you’ve been seeing visions during meditation, comprehend that these visions are mere projections of your delusions and desires. Don’t read too much into them when they occur – simply notice them, smile and continue meditating. The meditation visions will eventually go away. Meanwhile, try the Mindworks: Guided Meditation App. It contains a variety of resources, including daily guided meditations that are bound to rejuvenate your meditation sessions. Meditation should be fun, so have fun!

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