When Is the Best Time of Day to Meditate?

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Meditation is a powerful calming technique that helps individuals to find inner peace and achieve a deep sense of self-awareness. However, many people wonder: what’s the best time of day to meditate?

According to scientists, the best time to do meditation depends on what you desire to gain from your meditation experience. There’s no doubt about it, practicing meditation leads to an array of health benefits. For instance, meditation helps individuals to improve their concentration, reduce stress levels and enhance their quality of sleep.

When to meditate

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine the best time to meditate – is it in the morning or evening? Meditation experts concur that the ideal meditation time varies from one person to another. However, there are certain times that scientists mostly recommend. Have a look at some:

  1. In the morning

This is arguably the best time to meditate, since your mind is quiet and fresh. You’re also less likely to doze off in the morning. Morning meditation is best suited for individuals who practice daily meditation since it sets an exquisite tone before commencing on your day’s activities. Meditate at the crack of dawn before taking your breakfast.

It can sometimes be daunting for beginners to meditate in the morning, especially when they’re overly stressed out. It’s therefore recommended that they pay attention to their breathing for as long as they can. They should breathe slowly and deeply.

  1. After work

Some people prefer meditating right after they get home from work, and for good reason. If your work is physically demanding, meditation could be the best way to relieve all the tension harbored within your muscles. Meditating after work also creates the perfect boundary that separates work life from social life.

Stressing about work when you’re with your family is terrible to say the least. It causes you to miss out on more important issues. For instance, you barely listen to how your spouse spent their day. Meditating immediately you reach home could therefore be the perfect way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

  1. During lunch hour

Although most meditators perform their sessions in the morning or evening, lunch-time meditation could also offer you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of work. Whether you’ve just finished a grueling staff meeting or you’ve concluded a difficult talk with a potential client, meditating during midday acts as an effective de-stressor. It also helps to loosen your tight muscles after sitting on your computer desk for hours.

Lunch time meditation can be practiced by individuals who perform daily guided meditation or even by those who require some mini-meditation. Your normal thinking cycle is interrupted when you meditate at midday. This boosts your creativity, focus and productivity immensely.

  1. Whenever you feel stressed out

There are those moments when you’re inevitably overwhelmed by events, whether at work or at home. At such moments, meditation becomes the perfect resort. When you meditate, your mind settles and you feel incredibly relaxed. You’re even able to think clearly and make a sound decision concerning a pressing issue.

This sounds like a paradox – when you’re stressed, you often feel like you have insufficient time to complete the task at hand, let alone meditate! However, it’s this feeling that brings anxiety. Meditation helps to ease the pressure, allowing you to feel less overwhelmed.

  1. Before you sleep

Although it might seem like the best time to do meditation, experts believe that bedtime isn’t a good time to meditate. Hence, you should avoid meditating right before you retire to bed. Doing so confuses the mind into believing that you’re simply relaxing your body in readiness for a good rest.

Meditation often involves achieving clarity of the present moment. It therefore requires that you’re fully awake. However, if you desire to get some sleep meditation, bedtime could be the perfect time for you to meditate.

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