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Noah Levine

About Noah Levine

Noah Levine is a Buddhist teacher, author and counselor. Noah has studied with many prominent teachers in both the Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist traditions. His books Dharma Punx, Against The Stream, The Heart of the Revolution and Refuge Recovery give ground-breaking insights into the mechanics of suffering and freedom, addiction and recovery. Son of spiritual teacher and author Steven Levine, Noah spent his youth in violence, addiction and incarceration. The intensity of his suffering led him to meditation. Meditation, Buddhist philosophy and painstaking introspection gave Noah the means to transform his energy and spearhead a number of causes, notably in addiction recovery. His Refuge Recovery program is a Buddhist-oriented approach that includes peer-led meetings and a professional treatment center. Noah Levine is the founding teacher of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society with centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco and over 20 affiliated groups in North America. A founder of the Mind Body Awareness Project and member of the Prison Dharma Network, he works with juvenile and adult prison inmates, combining meditation techniques with psychotherapy. He teaches meditation classes, workshops and retreats internationally. Noah holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and lives in Los Angeles.

Loving-kindness in Meditation

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Meditation changes our relationship to pain What is loving-kindness meditation?  While there are many different types of meditation, there are specific practices that we call loving-kindness where we actually train our hearts and minds to wish for well-being for others — “may all beings be at ease”. This is a universal, healthy desire that we [...]

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