How Long Should I Meditate?

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If you’ve just started meditating or you’re thinking about starting, one question that may be lingering in your mind is how long should meditation last? The thought of spending months meditation with zero results is really an irrational and baseless fear, discouraging to say the least. Truth is, different individuals have different psychological makeups. This is not only backed up by neuroscience but also clarified by ancient Buddhist texts. People respond differently to a variety of meditation techniques. They should therefore be instructed according to their particular requirements.




So whether you prefer long meditation sessions or quick 5-minute mini meditations, your body still benefits immensely.

What’s the recommended dosage?

Studies are underway to discover the most effective meditation regimen that can benefit individuals across the board. Although there’s still so much to learn, research has discovered that people who meditate for around 20 minutes per day record significant benefits. Their brain functioning enhances and their overall health improves dramatically. However, this finding doesn’t mean that meditating for shorter sessions is wasting time. On the other hand, you shouldn’t limit your meditation exercises to 20 minutes daily – if you can meditate for an hour or more, that’s great! Simply be guided by your meditation experience.

When we consistently meditate for more than two months, an incredible restructuring occurs within our brain. Researchers from the Harvard University performed an intensive study to figure out exactly what happens to our brains when we meditate for long periods. 16 participants were put through a guided meditation program that lasted for 27 minutes each day for 8 weeks in total. After two months were over, the brain’s Gray Matter region that’s associated with memory, learning, emotion control, self-awareness and perspective increased in volume. These results were overly enlightening. Setting aside even a few minutes each day could make the difference.

How to sit for long hours in meditation

Still, there are those who are attracted by the concept of meditating for long hours at a time. They derive their inspiration from Buddhist practitioners or monks who meditate for hours without taking a break. However, meditating for long periods on end requires a high degree of practice and discipline. The monks have perfected it for many years through a systematic progression process. If you really desire to meditate for the entire day like the monks do, it’s essential that you find a qualified meditation teacher to ensure that you have the proper guidance. You can always start with shorter sessions and work your way up.

The benefits of meditation are priceless, regardless of whether you prefer short or long meditation sessions. Rather than wonder how to sit for long hours in meditation, try making the most of every second you meditate. It is really about quality, not quantity. Choose a convenient time devoid of interruptions and noise. Mornings are recommended, although you can also incorporate mini-meditations within your day. Make sure you’re seated in a comfortable position before commencing meditation. There are various meditation techniques you can practice. If you get tired with sitting, switch it up with walking meditation. The whole idea is to keep meditation fresh, have fun while meditating.

Although long meditation sessions are calming, newbies might feel a bit uncomfortable. It is not necessary at all to sit in the lotus position, or in any way that’s uncomfortable.  Let your body be the judge. However, a 10, 20 or 30-minute sitting meditation session per day can transform your life and give you the results you desire. Daily guided meditation is recommended for meditators who wish to improve their depth and technique. One of the best meditation apps that exists is the Mindworks Meditation App. It contains immense resources that can help you grow from a beginner to a seasoned meditator after just a few months. Try downloading it on your smartphone and explore its vast features.

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