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Mindworks provides essential and extensive training in meditation practice and life coaching. Our international team of meditation experts is comprised of highly accomplished meditators, scholars, psychologists, and professionals dedicated to helping people create lasting positive change.

Health Benefits of Meditation

2018-02-27T16:18:48+00:00 By |

For centuries, around the world meditation has been used as an effective technique to work with our minds, which also provides relaxation. Long before the advent of science and modern medicine, the Himalayan monks had already discovered the tremendous advantages of meditation. They dedicated much of their time cultivating stillness and decluttering their minds. Today’s [...]

What is Zen Meditation? Benefits & Techniques

2018-02-27T16:18:54+00:00 By |

Zen Buddhist meditation is an ancient type of meditation that dates back to the 7th Century Tang Dynasty. It originated from China and then spread quickly to Korea, Japan and other countries in the Far East. The term Zen is a derivative of the Chinese word chan, itself a translation of the Indian term dhyana, [...]

Buddhist Meditation Techniques & Practices

2018-02-27T16:19:01+00:00 By |

You’re undoubtedly well aware of the rich benefits of Buddhism meditation by now. Question is, how many Buddhist meditation practices are you familiar with? Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was a well-known enlightened teacher who shared deep insights aimed at ending suffering among sentient beings. A variety of the Buddha's teachings have been passed [...]

Meditation Research: What Does Science Tell Us About Meditation

2018-02-27T16:19:06+00:00 By |

Buddhist monks have been practicing meditation for millennia. They learned to quiet their minds, block distractions, connect with their inner selves and to achieve calmness. This ancient practice has continued through to modern times. Its widespread growth couldn’t have been timelier – what with the massive use and abuse of technology as well as the [...]