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Mindworks growing international team of experts is comprised of highly accomplished meditators, scholars, psychologists and professionals who provide essential training in meditation practice and life coaching to help people create lasting positive change.

How to Breathe Properly When Meditating

2017-09-12T00:05:27+00:00 By |

Breathing during meditation is nothing like conventional breathing. This seemingly easy exercise is quite powerful if done correctly. It’s easy to be caught in a quagmire as you wonder whether to exhale through nose or mouth? Experts suggest that you should allow your body to breath just as it naturally does – if you normally [...]

Meditation and ADHD

2017-09-11T23:59:31+00:00 By |

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or simply ADHD) is a type of mental disorder that induces hyperactivity in individuals and prevents them from controlling their own impulses. This condition is commonly diagnosed in kids and teenagers. If nor checked early enough, it progresses into adulthood. Adults who suffer from ADHD normally struggle getting organized, managing their [...]

Can Anyone Meditate?

2017-09-11T23:53:11+00:00 By |

It’s a question that many people frequently ask themselves, often after they’ve tried meditating and lost interest after a while. According to meditation experts, anyone can learn how to practice meditation. Individuals with serious mental illness cases are the only exception. The ancient art of meditation has been practiced by millions of people around the [...]

Meditating Outside

2017-09-11T23:46:34+00:00 By |

Don’t you just feel like heading out for a stroll or a swim when it’s all nice and sunny outside? Nothing beats the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re basking in nature. Meditating outdoors is a great way to break the monotony of your practice. You’ll find nature meditations to be surprisingly refreshing, especially [...]