How to Meditate for Better Concentration

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Most people who practice meditation are attracted to the incredible health benefits that ensue. But did you know that meditation can improve your concentration?

Studies suggest that frequent meditators can be able to alter their brain function. They are also better placed to calm their wandering minds compared to those who don’t meditate. There are various meditation techniques for concentration that you can practice to sharpen your focus. However, the best meditation for concentration is mindfulness. Today, we lead extremely busy lifestyles that prompt us to work on several tasks simultaneously. Mindfulness meditation simply involves focusing on one job at a time.




How to do meditation to increase concentration

  1. Try mindfulness

Can you think of any task that you can perform perfectly without needing your full attention? Most activities such as driving, riding your bike, reading or listening to your lecturer require significantly high levels of concentration. In addition, you’re more likely to derive greater satisfaction if you focus on a particular task instead of handling several tasks at one go. Mindfulness helps to train your mind to concentrate better. Whenever you find your mind wandering from something you’re working on, you’re able to quickly restore your attention if you’ve been practicing mindfulness.

  1. Daily guided meditation

One Italian neuroscientist called Giuseppe Pagnoni conducted a study in an attempt to find out how meditation affected the brain function. The results were delightfully eye-opening. Not only did meditation help to alter brain pattern, it also enhanced cognitive performance. During this research, he found out that meditators had a more stable Ventral posteromedial cortex (vPMC) compared to non-meditators. If you find meditation challenging, it’s recommended that you try out guided meditation for concentration. Here, you allow the voice of an instructor to guide you through your meditation session. This helps you to achieve optimum benefits from your meditation.

  1. Master your breathing technique

A recent study indicated that deep breathing has a positive impact on our bodies since it helps us deal with stress. This has prompted numerous companies to introduce frequent meditation sessions where employees can take a break from work, relax and focus on their breathing. It is estimated that more than $300 billion is lost each year as a result of employee healthcare bills and missed work. The importance of proper breathing cannot be underestimated. According to Chogyal Rinpoche, a revered meditation teacher, this act alone can help us manage uncomfortable negative emotions and restore calmness even in stressful situations.

Guided meditation for concentration

Concentration meditation can be enhanced by being more mindful. Train yourself to live in the moment and become aware of fluttering thoughts. You can perform all of your activities mindfully, whether it’s eating or brushing your teeth. When you eat, for instance, try feeling the texture and flavor of the food inside your mouth as you chew. Feel the different sensations running through your body when you chew. Simply put, be in the moment whenever you’re performing any activity.

Now that you know how to do meditation to increase concentration, it’s time you tried guided meditation. This type of meditation will help you develop from a newbie to a seasoned meditator by enhancing your technique and giving you invaluable tips to follow when meditating. If you’re looking for a good meditation app to help you practice guided meditation, the Mindworks Meditation App is highly recommended. Apart from offering you daily meditations, it has numerous Mind Talks that can benefit you. It’s free to download on your smartphone.

When it comes to meditation for concentration, it’s important to be consistent. Soon enough, you’ll be delighted by how much your concentration will have improved.

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