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Have you noticed how the term meditation is often thrown around in all sorts of  contexts? Unfortunately, people today don’t really understand what is meditation. Consequently, there is a lot of confusion about how meditation should be practiced. Some individuals think that meditating means contemplating or thinking; others label this word to mean fantasizing. Truth is, meditation is far from these things.

Most newbies often yearn to understand what is meditation and how to do it. They seek information from a variety of sources, often prominently from the internet. Sadly, certain sources may provide falsities and give readers a warped comprehension of meditation meaning. In this article, we’ll unearth the true meaning of definition and the proper way to do it.




The Meaning of Meditation

Before commencing on this practice, you should ask: what is meditation? It’s simply a method of calming the mind and achieving self-awareness using an assortment of techniques of working with the mind. Although a lot of things in life might be beyond human control, it’s quite possible to have much more control over our minds: what we think, feel and perceive about ourselves and others as well. Buddhist meditation teaches us that taking charge of our minds is the most crucial human undertaking. It’s the perfect antidote to help us deal with personal fears, sorrows, confusions, griefs and anxieties that come upon us every so often. In Zen Buddhism, there is a famous analogy by Suzuki Roshi: your thoughts are like cows, give them a big field to graze, but watch them.  Gradually they will calm down.

Think about it: how much time do you invest in personal development versus wealth creation? A psychologist called Andrew Naber recently conducted some research that reflected a sad reality: average people spend a third of their entire lives (around 90,000 hours) at work. This workaholic mentality not only affects general life outcomes but also the happiness levels of most people. Conversely, people spend very few hours exploring within. They barely prioritize their happiness, choosing to jeopardize it for riches and earthly materials. Part of meditation meaning involves taking time off to figure out how you are doing. Are you happy and contented? Has something been stressing you or affecting your overall health? This self-reflective mindfulness really matters a lot.

An Expert’s Opinion on What Is Meditation

Here is a certain way to find out what is meditation and how to do it – let’s hear from a highly trained meditation expert. Trinlay Rinpoche is an accomplished meditator who has had the privilege of training with the best meditation masters. According to Rinpoche, our happiness doesn’t stem from external factors or material pursuits. Rather, the main source of our happiness comes from within us. Using meditation, we can tune our minds to access the wealth of happiness that already exist within us. And when we access our most basic qualities, we  show kindness, compassion and other expressions of goodness to others.

When you start meditating, a deep revelation of this practice will slowly dawn on you. For instance, you’ll understand the impermanent nature of life: nothing ever stays the same, everything we value will change and go away. Therefore, being emotionally attached with wealth and other external things will inevitably frustrate you in the long run. Seeing the impermanence in the world, this is all the more reason to meditate. Beyond the numerous health and mental benefits meditation connects us with reality, so our gains in meditation become truly genuine and beneficial.

If you’re struggling with stress, depression and other negative mental states, meditation might just offer the relief you’re looking for. Now that you’ve learned what is meditation, hopefully you’re encouraged to commence with the practice. You will gradually experience profound joy and self-appreciation once you start meditating. But more importantly, you’ll train the mind to let go of the negative emotions and bad experiences that you’ve been holding onto. Over time, you’ll experience a deep sense of relief.

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