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Welcome to Mindworks extensive library of articles on all things meditation. Here you’ll find everything from instructions on learning how to meditate, to dealing with obstacles to your meditation practice, to how to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. We hope our work helps you genuinely experience the benefits of meditation and advance on your path to learning how the mind works, and how to work with the mind.

Mindworks articles are written by professionals and experts in meditation and other related fields, which include doctors, psychologists, scholars, life coaches and of course highly accomplished meditation teachers and masters. Our Mind Trainers have walked the talk, with decades of experience practicing  and teaching meditation. You’ll find their video teachings and guided meditations in our meditation courses.

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Defining Buddhism: The 4 Seals of Dharma

2023-04-27T22:37:55-07:00By |

The four dharma seals of Buddhism (hallmarks of Buddha's teachings) There are certain philosophies that are fundamental to Buddhism. Among these is the teaching of the four seals of dharma. These four truths are essential to Buddhist teaching. If they’re not supported, or if they are contradicted, you know you’re not listening to an authentic [...]

The Importance of Wise View in Buddhism

2023-05-19T19:51:11-07:00By |

Two types of wise view as the foundation of Buddha's 8-fold path As we enter the path of practice, it’s good to have some understanding of where we’re going. Otherwise, what am I doing? Why am I practicing? Where am I headed? If I don’t know where I’m going, how am I going to get [...]

Buddhism’s 3 Disciplines of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom

2023-04-18T09:03:29-07:00By |

The Three Wisdoms (Three Higher Trainings or Threefold Training) After his awakening under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha spent nearly 45 years sharing what he had learned with others. Among his teachings, certain themes appear over and over again. Among these is the threefold path of moral conduct, meditation and wisdom. We see reference to [...]

The Kryptonite of Compassion

2023-04-18T09:25:35-07:00By |

What is true, unconditional, genuine compassion? Sometimes, when we witness a person or animal in a difficult situation, we feel magnanimous and imagine that this feeling is compassion. But in fact, this is not what we should consider genuine compassion. Why? First of all, it’s relative, it’s based on a specific situation. Would we feel [...]

Lifestyle Medicine and a Simple Formula for Wellness

2022-09-25T01:30:07-07:00By |

Keys to Establishing a Lifestyle that Meets Your Goals What is lifestyle medicine? Lifestyle medicine is a form of mind-body medicine where we look to lifestyle changes not only for disease prevention but also for treating illnesses. Many conditions can also be treatable in their early stages through lifestyle adjustments. Type two diabetes is a [...]

How We Benefit from Mindfulness of Feeling Tones

2023-01-29T20:05:00-08:00By |

Mindfulness of Vedanā (Pleasant, Unpleasant, or Neutral Feelings) The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, from the Satipatthana Sutra, offer us instructions on what, exactly, we are to be mindful of while meditating. We begin by observing our breath and body, then feeling tones, our state of mind, and the nature of reality itself. Each of the [...]

Why Is Renunciation Important for Buddhist Practice?

2023-05-26T19:53:32-07:00By |

Buddhist Renunciation Explained (Benefits & How to Practice) When people think of Buddhist renunciation they might picture an austere monk, wearing robes and living simply. Such imagery leads to fear around renunciation as a directive to give up all that’s pleasurable in life. But true renunciation differs from deprivation. Buddhist renunciation is an important part [...]

The Meaning and Importance of Sangha

2023-05-19T19:52:00-07:00By |

Understanding the meaning of Sangha in Buddhism The three jewels of Buddhism function as three legs of a tripod. All three - Buddha, Dharma and Sangha - are equally vital supports for those on the Buddhist path. Each has distinguishing characteristics, and yet the three are interdependent. Our awakening depends on us taking refuge in [...]

The Meaning of Buddhist Right View

2023-05-19T20:02:03-07:00By |

What is Right View in Buddhism? (Understanding the Four Noble Truths) Buddhism teaches there is a particular worldview, or perspective on life, that leads to the end of suffering. Other views keep us in the cycle of suffering by preventing us from seeing things as they truly are. When a Buddhist refers to right view, [...]

Remedies to Agitation and Dullness

2023-05-09T17:59:39-07:00By |

Two classic obstacles to meditation, explained When you’ve decided to meditate and work on training your mind, don’t assume that it’s going to be easy. There will be different obstacles to practicing meditation, and they all belong to one of two categories. On the one hand, there’s agitation: a very active mind that’s busy with [...]

What is the Meaning of Dharma?

2023-05-19T19:52:23-07:00By |

Defining Dharma (Definition & Deeper Meaning) In Buddhist studies and teachings, the term dharma is often referred to but left untranslated, as the all-encompassing concept is difficult to replace with a single English word. We might define dharma as the teachings of the Buddha, passed down orally for centuries before taking shape as scripture. Dharma [...]

The Relationship Between Wisdom and Compassion

2023-05-19T19:56:06-07:00By |

The Interrelationship between Wisdom and Compassion in Buddhism It could be said that the essence of Mahayana Buddhism is the relationship between wisdom and compassion. In Mahayana Buddhism, the goal is not merely to relieve our own pain and suffering, but to transform ourselves into compassionate beings who are capable of healing the pain of [...]

What is Buddha Nature?

2023-04-08T16:41:55-07:00By |

Buddha Nature Has No Simple Definition There are many benefits to meditation. Among them, you may have heard that with consistent meditation practice your Buddha nature is revealed. Buddha nature has no simple definition. It is a complex, ineffable concept that each Buddhist tradition lends a slightly differing, nuanced understanding to. To ask questions about [...]

The Significance of Reincarnation

2023-03-04T19:06:28-08:00By |

Right View and Reincarnation: The Connection to Laws of Karma The principle of reincarnation, also framed as rebirth or the existence of past and future lives, is central to Buddhist teachings. According to the Buddhist world view, we currently live in samsara, a cyclic existence in which our habitual actions in this life propel us [...]

What is the Buddhist Eightfold Path?

2023-05-19T19:57:24-07:00By |

Why Is The Eightfold Path Important? (Putting an End to Suffering) The Buddhist eightfold path, known as the Noble Eightfold Path, are the specific instructions the Buddha gave as part four of the Four Noble Truths. The first noble truth taught us that unenlightened life is destined to be disappointing. Truths two and three gave [...]

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