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Welcome to Mindworks extensive library of articles on all things meditation. Here you’ll find everything from instructions on learning how to meditate, to dealing with obstacles to your meditation practice, to how to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. We hope our work helps you genuinely experience the benefits of meditation and advance on your path to learning how the mind works, and how to work with the mind.

Mindworks articles are written by professionals and experts in meditation and other related fields, which include doctors, psychologists, scholars, life coaches and of course highly accomplished meditation teachers and masters. Our Mind Trainers have walked the talk, with decades of experience practicing  and teaching meditation. You’ll find their video teachings and guided meditations in our meditation courses.

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The Art of Letting Go

2022-12-26T16:42:44-08:00By |

Meditation and letting go: the antidotes to suffering Is it possible that many of the difficulties in our lives come from our reluctance—or our inability—to let go? Whether we’re aware of it or not, our minds are constantly roaming and zeroing in on what we want to acquire and what we want to avoid. [...]

Defining Buddhism: The 4 Seals of Dharma

2023-01-16T09:51:15-08:00By |

The four dharma seals of Buddhism (hallmarks of Buddha's teachings) There are certain philosophies that are fundamental to Buddhism. Among these is the teaching of the four seals of dharma. These four truths are essential to Buddhist teaching. If they’re not supported, or if they are contradicted, you know you’re not listening to an authentic [...]

The Meaning of Taking Refuge

2022-12-26T16:32:20-08:00By |

Seeking refuge and protection from suffering with the 3 jewels Taking refuge is a fundamental Buddhist practice. It may be considered the initial practice because it signifies that we want to engage with Buddhism. We have in some way decided that Buddhism is the set of tools, if you like, that we want to live [...]

The Importance of Wise View in Buddhism

2023-01-16T10:03:14-08:00By |

Two types of wise view as the foundation of Buddha's 8-fold path As we enter the path of practice, it’s good to have some understanding of where we’re going. Otherwise, what am I doing? Why am I practicing? Where am I headed? If I don’t know where I’m going, how am I going to get [...]

Overcoming Obstacles in Meditation Practice

2022-12-09T20:35:23-08:00By |

The 5 Hindrances (Five Veils) to Meditation Practice Our meditation practice is rife with obstacles, even before we ever get to the cushion. The first obstacle we must overcome is that of laziness, also known as busy-ness. But even after having made time for daily practice, obstacles arise as soon as we attempt to focus. [...]

Walking Meditation and How to Do It

2022-11-29T20:13:11-08:00By |

Mindful Walking Meditation Guide (How to Meditate While Walking) When we think of meditation, we typically picture someone sitting upright in full lotus pose, both their body and mind completely still. But there’s more than one meditation technique, and not all of them require sitting. Walking meditation is just one of four traditional meditation postures [...]

Buddhism’s 3 Disciplines of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom

2022-12-18T16:14:10-08:00By |

The Three Wisdoms (Three Higher Trainings or Threefold Training) After his awakening under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha spent nearly 45 years sharing what he had learned with others. Among his teachings, certain themes appear over and over again. Among these is the threefold path of moral conduct, meditation and wisdom. We see reference to [...]

What Karma Really Is

2023-01-06T11:28:11-08:00By |

Planting Karmic Seeds (Can Meditation Practice Change Karma?) People often refer to karma as either warranted or random, depending on the circumstances. When someone we don’t like experiences the negative consequences of their bad behavior, we celebrate, thanking karma for giving them their due. When negative consequences befall us, we say “this is just my [...]

Does Faith Play a Role in Meditation?

2022-12-09T20:37:02-08:00By |

Meditation Strengthens Faith When we have faith in something, we trust it completely. For many people, faith is reserved for the divine. It’s hard to place our complete trust in ordinary, imperfect people and things. But what about faith in meditation? Faith has a role to play in motivating us to practice and helping us [...]

Buddhism’s Three Types of Suffering

2022-11-20T19:41:29-08:00By |

Multiple times throughout the course of his life, the Buddha taught the four noble truths. The first of these is that life is suffering. Fortunately, this is followed by the truth that suffering has a cause, can be ended, and that there is a path that leads to the end of suffering. But what is [...]

What Are Buddhism’s 4 Noble Truths?

2023-01-16T09:57:34-08:00By |

Understanding the Four Noble Truths (Path to the End of Suffering) The 4 noble truths of Buddhism are central to the Theravada tradition, yet recognized by all schools of Buddhism as illuminating the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. These four facts introduce us to the truth that yes, there is great pain in life. But [...]

Understanding Intelligent vs Blind Faith

2022-10-24T20:18:01-07:00By |

Blind Faith is Discouraged (What We Can Learn from The Buddha?) Some people have difficulty with the word faith, and understandably so. It’s ok to be cautious of blind faith, which can leave us vulnerable to getting duped or disappointed by people or ideas who may not be worthy of our trust. And yet, faith [...]

Lifestyle Medicine and a Simple Formula for Wellness

2022-09-25T01:30:07-07:00By |

Keys to Establishing a Lifestyle that Meets Your Goals What is lifestyle medicine? Lifestyle medicine is a form of mind-body medicine where we look to lifestyle changes not only for disease prevention but also for treating illnesses. Many conditions can also be treatable in their early stages through lifestyle adjustments. Type two diabetes is a [...]

What Does it Mean to Take Refuge?

2022-12-26T16:35:47-08:00By |

Taking Refuge in the 3 Jewels Of Buddhism When we’re suffering, it’s natural to try and seek refuge, or shelter from our pain. Until we’ve found a spiritual path, we might seek refuge in medication, therapy, material objects, food, other people, or in particular places. None of these things, however, is capable of offering us [...]

The Benefits of Avoiding these 10 Non-Virtuous Actions

2023-01-06T11:31:40-08:00By |

Every authentic spiritual tradition offers us some form of guidance for ethical living. The ten non-virtues of Buddhism teach us which activities to avoid if we want to live a life of greater peace, happiness and ease. Why Ethical Behavior Matters At the foundation of any spiritual path you’ll find some type of mandated ethical [...]

How We Benefit from Mindfulness of Feeling Tones

2023-01-29T20:05:00-08:00By |

Mindfulness of Vedanā (Pleasant, Unpleasant, or Neutral Feelings) The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, from the Satipatthana Sutra, offer us instructions on what, exactly, we are to be mindful of while meditating. We begin by observing our breath and body, then feeling tones, our state of mind, and the nature of reality itself. Each of the [...]

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