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Welcome to Mindworks extensive library of articles on all things meditation. Here you’ll find everything from blogs on learning how to meditate, dealing with obstacles to your meditation practice, to how to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. We hope our work helps you actually experience the benefits of meditation and advance on your path to learning how the mind works, and how to work with the mind.

Mindworks articles are written by professionals and experts in meditation and other related fields, which include doctors, psychologists, scholars, life coaches and of course highly accomplished meditation teachers and masters. Our Mind Trainers have walked the talk, with decades of experience practicing  and teaching meditation. You’ll find their video teachings and guided meditations in our meditation courses.

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Mindfulness and Healing

2021-11-01T17:01:10-07:00By |

The importance of mindfulness to self-regulate and build resilience As a physician who practices mind-body medicine, I truly believe that mindfulness is the most powerful tool that I have. I share it with my patients so that they have access to this tool as well. Mindfulness is more powerful than any drug, surgery, or other [...]

Understanding Empathy and Compassion

2021-11-01T17:01:35-07:00By |

Compassion is a multidimensional process with four key components Compassion is the heartfelt wish to help others become free of their suffering. In Buddhist teachings on the Four Immeasurable qualities, compassion is the wish that everyone be relieved of suffering and the causes of suffering. Its twin sister, lovingkindness, is the wish to see everybody [...]

Physical health and the mind-body connection

2021-11-12T17:24:34-08:00By |

What is the mind-body connection? The term “mind-body connection” refers to the understanding that our physical health involves more than just the body. Mind is what connects us and our physical body to the rest of the world. Mind connects us to our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions, as well as to our actions and behavior. [...]

Proven Solutions for Chronic Pain

2021-11-12T17:18:14-08:00By |

Harnessing the power of the mindbody approach Understanding acute and chronic pain Acute, subacute, and chronic pain are different. With acute pain, for example an injury, you may hurt for up to six weeks while you’re healing. This might be a sprained ankle,  a contusion like a bruised arm, a shoulder injury from playing sports, [...]

Meditation and Physical Pain

2021-11-12T17:05:24-08:00By |

Physical Pain vs Suffering (optional!) - What are the key differences? By using physical pain as an object of meditation we can transform our relationship to pain and in doing so, free ourselves from the suffering it causes. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or any bodily pain that arises during meditation, staying present and [...]

Physical Pain, Emotions, and the Brain

2021-11-12T17:23:20-08:00By |

The mind-body connection is a two-way street The concept of the psychosomatic, psychophysiologic, or mindbody process is often misunderstood. This is definitely not to say that the pain you’re experiencing or your problem is make-believe. We’re not saying that you’re creating your pain for some pernicious purpose, or that it has no physiologic basis. What [...]

Healing Trauma Through Meditation

2021-11-01T17:02:10-07:00By |

What Qualifies as Trauma, and How Does It Affect our Brain Structure? Meditation can help you heal from trauma and PTSD, but it’s not always the cure-all we want it to be. For some, meditation may appear to make trauma worse. Meditation brings conscious awareness to the activity in our mind, but we’re not always [...]

How Meditation Works to Stop Bad Habits

2021-11-30T16:58:36-08:00By |

Science points to how bad habits form, but mindfulness helps us break free Research shows almost half of what we do is habitual, and this makes sense. Habits save energy and resources. If we never developed habits, we’d be exhausted by breakfast. And yet we know from experience not all habits are beneficial. If you’re [...]

Can Meditation Help Lower My Heart Rate or Blood Pressure?

2021-11-01T17:02:29-07:00By |

Meditation can lower and regulate your heart rate and blood pressure The physiological effects of meditation include a reduction in stress hormones and adrenaline, improved breathing and blood flow to the brain, and improved melatonin regulation. Two more benefits, a reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure, have encouraged doctors to increasingly recommend meditation to [...]

Meditation for Uncertain Times

2021-11-01T17:02:41-07:00By |

The Challenge of Finding Stability In Times Of Change & Uncertainty Change is hard, even when it’s expected. In times of great uncertainty, stress and anxiety increase as we attempt to ground ourselves to anything stable or permanent, but find very little we can hold on to. Meditation for uncertain and difficult times reduces stress [...]

Unleashing the Goodness of Mind

2021-11-22T19:05:35-08:00By |

Refine Your Mind's Qualities and Potential with Meditation Practice One beautiful thing about the mind is that it doesn’t have to be become anything else. You might think of it as a gold nugget that you’ve discovered. Let’s assume that you recognize it as gold even though it appears to be rather lackluster and ordinary. [...]

Common Meditation Myths Debunked

2021-11-30T17:07:22-08:00By |

Mistaken assumptions about meditation, how it works, and what the outcomes should be can prevent us from starting a practice or may interfere with our current practice by creating unreasonable expectations. By debunking the myths of mediation we open ourselves to the possibility that meditation can benefit us in unexpected ways. Let’s take a closer [...]

What is A Bodhisattva?

2021-11-01T17:03:06-07:00By |

What is the Meaning of Bodhisattva? Definition, Origins & Practices The bodhisattva seated in meditation is among the most iconic Buddhist images. If you’ve been learning about meditation, you may be wondering what does bodhisattva mean? In brief, a bodhisattva is anyone who has dedicated their own awakening to the benefit of all others. There [...]

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