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Welcome to Mindworks extensive library of articles on all things meditation. Here you’ll find everything from instructions on learning how to meditate, to dealing with obstacles to your meditation practice, to how to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. We hope our work helps you genuinely experience the benefits of meditation and advance on your path to learning how the mind works, and how to work with the mind.

Mindworks articles are written by professionals and experts in meditation and other related fields, which include doctors, psychologists, scholars, life coaches and of course highly accomplished meditation teachers and masters. Our Mind Trainers have walked the talk, with decades of experience practicing  and teaching meditation. You’ll find their video teachings and guided meditations in our meditation courses.

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The Art of Letting Go

2022-08-19T11:02:20-07:00By |

Meditation and letting go: the antidotes to suffering Is it possible that many of the difficulties in our lives come from our reluctance—or our inability—to let go? Whether we’re aware of it or not, our minds are constantly roaming and zeroing in on what we want to acquire and what we want to avoid. [...]

What is This Thing We Call Self?

2022-08-19T11:07:42-07:00By |

We Are Not What We Think (And The Idea of Selflessness) We know from our experience that everything is always changing. We wake up in the morning feeling one way, but what we think and feel an hour later is very different. What we think about someone, or our job, or our life today isn’t [...]

Understanding Intelligent vs Blind Faith

2022-10-04T12:07:22-07:00By |

Blind Faith is Discouraged (What We Can Learn from The Buddha?) Some people have difficulty with the word faith, and understandably so. It’s ok to be cautious of blind faith, which can leave us vulnerable to getting duped or disappointed by people or ideas who may not be worthy of our trust. And yet, faith [...]

Lifestyle Medicine and a Simple Formula for Wellness

2022-09-25T01:30:07-07:00By |

Keys to Establishing a Lifestyle that Meets Your Goals What is lifestyle medicine? Lifestyle medicine is a form of mind-body medicine where we look to lifestyle changes not only for disease prevention but also for treating illnesses. Many conditions can also be treatable in their early stages through lifestyle adjustments. Type two diabetes is a [...]

What Does it Mean to Take Refuge?

2022-09-19T17:28:46-07:00By |

Taking Refuge in the 3 Jewels Of Buddhism When we’re suffering, it’s natural to try and seek refuge, or shelter from our pain. Until we’ve found a spiritual path, we might seek refuge in medication, therapy, material objects, food, other people, or in particular places. None of these things, however, is capable of offering us [...]

Meditation for Coping with Climate Anxiety

2022-09-04T19:31:41-07:00By |

Eco-Anxiety: What it is and How to Manage it with Meditation Our planet is experiencing a rapid increase in temperature and associated severe weather events. Research points to the burning of fossil fuels and resulting greenhouse gas emissions as the primary cause. Life as we know it is at risk without urgent behavioral change on [...]

Does Meditation Release Trauma from the Body?

2022-07-03T20:17:49-07:00By |

How Trauma Gets Stored In The Body (Somatic Memory & Nervous System) Nearly everyone experiences trauma at some point in their lives. Trauma is the result of an overwhelmingly stressful event which we don’t have the resources to process. While some eventually do acknowledge and process their trauma, others carry trauma with them. The energies [...]

Spiritual Materialism and How to Avoid It

2022-08-26T19:31:37-07:00By |

What is Spiritual Materialism? (and How To Move Beyond It) Spiritual materialism is a term coined by the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987). He describes the term in his 1973 book, “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.” The phrase refers to a common spiritual pitfall, using our practice to boost the ego versus transcend [...]

How Meditation Helps Stop Overthinking

2022-06-01T19:35:06-07:00By |

How Overthinking Harms Us (Meditating When You're an Overthinker) We all know what it’s like to lie awake at night ruminating on past decisions, or second-guessing our upcoming ones. Meditation can help stop overthinking, allowing us to live with greater peace and ease, while guiding us toward clear actions that are aligned with our greatest [...]

Spiritual Bypassing and How to Avoid It

2022-10-04T12:13:43-07:00By |

What Is Spiritual Bypassing? Definition, Levels, and Examples Most people turn towards meditation and a more spiritual life because they want to feel better. They desire a life of less stress, discomfort and pain, and want to connect to greater ease, wellbeing, joy and abundance. This is a very good reason to meditate. But [...]

The Best Guided Meditations For Beginners

2022-06-24T19:32:11-07:00By |

Guided Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate? (And Keep it Simple) Guided meditation can be a good way to start if you’re a beginner. But when searching through apps, videos and downloads, there’s so many to choose from. We take a look at how guided meditations, and mindfulness meditation in particular, can help beginners learn. [...]

How Long Should Beginners Meditate For?

2022-06-12T08:33:54-07:00By |

The Best Meditation Length for Beginners (The Ideal Amount of Time) New to meditation? You might be wondering how long you should meditate for. But dive more deeply into what’s behind that question, and you’ll find there’s more to consider than 5 versus 20 minutes. Everyone comes to meditation with a different capacity for stillness [...]

Meditation for Releasing Negative Emotions

2022-07-16T19:19:55-07:00By |

Why Emotions Sometimes Hurt (How Emotional Pain Affects Your Mind) Meditation is a powerful tool for helping us work with negative emotions. Negative emotions are uncomfortable and can be overwhelming, a feeling that often gets worse when we attempt to ignore them or push them away. With meditation, we learn that our negative emotions don’t [...]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Meditation

2022-08-04T16:49:29-07:00By |

How to Use Meditation to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Effectively The thoughts and emotions that tell us we’re not enough, incapable or unworthy are referred to collectively as imposter syndrome. Although not an official medical diagnosis, this fear of being exposed as a fraud is a form of anxiety. It can become a true disorder [...]

Calming Nighttime Anxiety for Better Sleep

2022-05-10T19:54:02-07:00By |

What is Sleep Anxiety? (How to Calm Anxiety at Night) If your anxiety gets worse at night, preventing you from sleeping well, you’re not alone. More than half of adults in the US say their anxiety keeps them awake at night. And when anxiety makes falling asleep or staying asleep difficult, that lost sleep leads [...]

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