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Working with Challenges

Working with Stress

We experience stress and anxiety when daily pressures and challenging situations seem overwhelming—they feel like more than we can handle. We can think of these feelings as the result of an unbalanced supply and demand of our emotional resources.

How can meditation help? By creating space in our minds, meditation allows us to distinguish which demands on our emotional and energy resources are valid and which ones aren’t. We begin to see situations with more clarity and a sense of openness and this makes both our situation and our state of mind more workable.

Working with Stress program includes:

  • Meditation Options to establish or rekindle your daily practice
  • Guided Meditations specific for working with stress
  • Blog posts to enhance your understanding of how your mind works
  • Daily Cups for a quick, uplifting contemplation to begin your day
  • Mind Talks that help you work with stress and see it in a different perspective

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Learn about Working with Stress module below.

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Stress Reduction Through Meditation

About Working with Stress

Whether you’re an experienced meditator or you’re just learning to practice, the Working with Stress module can help you gain perspective and reduce anxiety. By working with your mind in a healthy and fulfilling way, you’ll begin to experience life’s curve balls as workable challenges rather than obstacles.

This program features Mind Trainer Maria Camara, PhD, an experienced psychologist and meditation teacher who has studied stress from both perspectives. Maria shares genuine insights about how you can change your perceptions to better cope with stress now and prevent it from being a problem in the future. She also provides a guided meditation for working with stress.

Mindworks Working with Stress provides helpful observations and guidance based on practical situations that you can relate to. We show you how integrating meditation practice into your life will help you manage stress and reduce its impact.

Let’s get started.

The core content for Working with Stress can be found on Mindworks App and selected complementary blogs are on the Website. During this module, set aside 15 to 20 minutes each day to meditate, absorb and contemplate the content. Our recommended median time for this module is 2-3 weeks—some people take longer, some go faster. Take all the time you need.

To complete the Working with Stress module , progressively work through the list below:

  • We recommend Guided Meditation on Stress by Maria Camara, PhD
  • Or,  choose a Meditation Option that is right for you
  • Each day contemplate a Daily Cup
  • Every 2nd or 3rd day enhance your practice with an assignment below, working through the list in the order it is given.

Assignments: Working with Stress

What is stress?

What is Stress? by Maria Camara, PhD

Stress is the perception that daily demands exceed our emotional resources.
Length: 4:38 minutes
Change perception of stress

Change Your Perception of Stress by Maria Camara, PhD

Meditation creates the space to see problems as workable challenges.
Length: 5:31 minutes
Meditation prevents stress

Meditation Prevents Stress by Maria Camara, PhD

Don’t be caught by your own storyline versions of reality.
Length: 5:07 minutes
Stress Balance supply and demand of emotional resources

How Does Meditation Reduce Stress by Maria Camara, PhD

Stress management is working with the supply and demand of emotional resources.
Beliefs create stress

Beliefs Create Stress by Maria Camara, PhD

We can question the emotional patterns that support stress.
Length: 3.49 minutes
Stress meditation program

Kindness is an Antidote to Stress by Maria Camara, PhD

Making friends with ourselves is an antidote to stress.
Length: 3.26 minutes

Remember, consistent practice is the key to progress. Take your time and don’t stress!

We hope you enjoy this Module!

Note: All assignments are also provided via your sign up email. Hyperlinks to App content will open the App to the correct audio or video file if you’re on the iOS or Android device that you’ve used to download and sign into the Mindworks App.

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