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Can Anyone Meditate?

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It’s a question that many people frequently ask themselves, often after they’ve tried meditating and lost interest after a while. According to meditation experts, anyone can learn how to practice meditation. Individuals with serious mental [...]

Meditating Outside

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Don’t you just feel like heading out for a stroll or a swim when it’s all nice and sunny outside? Nothing beats the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re basking in nature. Meditating outdoors [...]

Keeping a Meditation Journal

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Sometimes when we meditate, we have outstanding experiences that we wouldn’t trade for anything. Other times, we end up feeling overly frustrated by the overall experience. This is a natural pendulum effect that we can’t [...]

How Long Should I Meditate?

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If you’ve just started meditating or you’re thinking of it, one question that’s probably lingering in your mind is how long should meditation last? The thought of spending months meditation with zero results is discouraging [...]