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Meditation for Seniors

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Apart from developing compassion and cultivating awareness, there’s a variety of reasons why the elderly should meditate. We all dream of aging like wine, getting better and better as the years progress. However, old age [...]

Mindfulness for Children

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If you’re a parent, you undoubtedly understand the frustrations of raising small children. What with the constant nagging, crying, shoving and bullying that transpire within the house. To add insult to injury, kids today are [...]

Meditation for Students

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College students today barely get the time to take a breath of fresh air and smell the roses. They are always engrossed in the busy “campus life” that mainly entails attending classes, studying for exams [...]

Guided Meditation for Kids

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If you enjoy the immense benefits of meditation, don’t you wish you’d started the practice much earlier? Kids today lead extremely hectic lifestyles filled with school obligations, sensory overloads, internal and external pressures. This often [...]