Working with Emotions

Meditation helps us understand the nature of our emotions and work with them more effectively.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this course:

  • A genuine insight and perspective into your emotions
  • Experiential meditation skills to work directly with your emotions
  • A new-found ability to transform negative emotions into something workable and healthy

Emotions make us human–they connect and alienate, elate and destroy.

When it comes to emotions, meditation is a wonderfully effective technique that works on a good many levels. When we train in mindfulness, we learn to let go of the storyline and simply be with what we’re experiencing in the moment. With awareness practice, we gain insights into the very nature of emotions and their manifold expressions.

Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways“Mindworks has exploded my meditation practice in so many ways. I sincerely encourage anyone who wants to grow in their practice to see where it takes you.” Jacklyn, Marketing

Learn how to work with negative emotions

The teachings in the Mindworks Working with Emotions module shine a light on several different facets of this vast and essential subject. After watching the videos and putting the instructions of this 8-day meditation course into practice, you’ll have a better understanding of

  • How emotions function and what you can expect from them
  • How meditation can help you work with our emotions in a very direct and concrete way
  • How the spaciousness that arises in your meditation leads to insight
  • How strong emotions may be the best ground for practice
  • How to transform unwelcome emotions so they become your allies

The guided meditations for this course in working with emotions show how to apply mindfulness practice to the thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind. The skillful combination of meditation practice and insightful learning serves as a catalyst for growth.

Each daily session of the 8-day module takes about 12 minutes to complete.

We offer certificates for each completed course.

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8 Days
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Overcome anger and strong emotions through meditation

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"I’ve been practicing for several years, but the Mindworks courses have taken me much farther. They are excellent. They give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance to understand yourself, your mind “working” and how to be kind to yourself while practicing. "
Meditation give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance
"I am enjoying my Mindworks Journey tremendously and know it I taking me in a wonderful new direction. It feels like I am on a pilgrimage to rediscover my true self. "
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Does meditation help us control our emotions?

Some emotions we treasure, others not so much. Most of us would like to have more control over negative emotions, but working with emotions—especially strong emotions—isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be. That’s because we’ve been reinforcing emotional habits since early childhood, and our reactions don’t always seem to make sense. To transform unwelcome emotions, it’s helpful to begin at the beginning. And in the context of meditation and emotions, the beginning is not the moment where we do a magical meditation for emotional control—it’s when we gain an understanding of how the mind works and how emotions function. That’s one reason why we meditate: we’re working with thoughts and emotions directly so that they don’t always lead us by the nose.

If you think that you’re using meditation for controlling emotions, think again. Control isn’t how meditation helps—meditation helps by increasing your awareness and showing you that you have choices regarding how you react to and work with your emotions. A course in working with emotions can be very effective; in today’s world, meditation online courses are very popular. Studies have shown a correlation between, say, mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence. Trained meditators find it easier to release negative emotions before acting on them because meditation helps them be more aware and bring their focus back to the present moment. To develop mindfulness of emotions, meditation is key. Indeed, many therapists recommend meditation for working with emotions and now incorporate guided meditation for emotional healing in their treatment programs. Our Working with Emotions advanced meditation course will get you started on your mindful path to emotional healing and balance.