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Have you ever experienced chronic pain? This refers to any kind of pain that persists for 12 weeks or more. Acute pain, on the other hand, is more subtle and alerts you whenever you sustain an injury. Although you can take certain prescription drugs to ease pain, a persistent use of these drugs can cause your body to create resistance or worse create an unwanted addiction. Meditation for pain relief offers the perfect alternative. There are certain pain meditation techniques you can use to ease chronic and acute pain. However, it’s important to understand the deeper essence of meditation – there are a myriad of benefits you can accrue from this practice.




Pain Relief Meditation Techniques

It’s hard to live with constant pain because it interferes with your daily work and gives you a foul mood. However, you can incorporate several chronic pain meditation techniques to ease both physical and emotional pain. Most notably, meditation helps to ease anxiety and depression – two destructive emotional states that worsen the effects of pain. Guided meditation for pain also helps to improve your mood by invoking feelings of happiness and calmness. These dramatic alterations in emotional states that are brought about by meditation act as a natural pain relief.

By paying closer attention to a painful experience, meditation can actually help you reduce this pain. Pain meditation techniques allow individuals to accomplish a kind of detached observation. Here, the physical pain is separated from cognitive and emotional pain experiences. This results to successful pain relief. Meditation offers a natural kind of pain relief by altering how the brain processes information. This offers an effective distraction from chronic pain, making meditation for pain relief a perfect alternative for those seeking natural pain remedies. Scientists have conducted numerous studies on meditation. These studies prove that meditation can successfully reduce or sometimes eradicate pain without causing any unwanted side effects.

The Power of Meditation

According to meditation teacher Maria Camara, meditation allows individuals to accept their deepest emotions and let go. This is achieved by training the mind not to grasp onto emotions. Meditation is also a powerful tool that helps individuals to gain a deeper awareness of their physical states. People who frequently monitor their health are more likely to notice changes in their sensations. This helps to identify pain immediately it occurs, allowing an individual to take appropriate measures to avoid further injury. You also learn how to take better care of yourself.

According to studies, meditation not only improves your emotional feelings and reduces tension – it also causes some structural changes within your nervous system and brain. These studies also suggest that spiritual meditation is more effective in bettering pain tolerance. Individuals who participated in one study were able to deal with pain more effectively using spiritual meditation than those who used normal pain-relieving techniques. They also experienced less distress. There exists a strong link between spirituality and pain tolerance. Guided meditation for depression can help to reduce your sensitivity to pain. Not only does this practice help you to relax, it also diverts your focus away from the present pain.

Two effective Meditation Techniques to Reduce Pain

  1. Walking meditation

This is one of the most effective meditation for pain relief. When done regularly, meditation can offer a natural relief for chronic and acute pain. When walking, just focus your attention on the movement of your feet and legs, or on the sensations of your feet stepping one in front of the other.  Be aware of your body as it is moving through space.  You can also concentrate on different body movements, such as your arms swinging lightly as you walk. Notice the varying sensations moving through your body. A lot of hidden feelings and emotions can be felt by the simple act of walking meditation.

  1. Mindfulness meditation

It’s one of the best chronic pain meditation techniques. Mindfulness simply refers to the act of being more conscious.  It starts usually with watching our breathing, but gradually we can also become mindful of our regular activities and habits (such as eating, brushing and showering). Mindfulness also develops a high degree of concentration over time. Its benefits are wide-ranging. This is among the pain relief meditation techniques that refreshes your mind and pacifies negative thoughts. If you desire a good source that offers effective guided meditation for pain, try Mindworks Meditation App. It contains a wide array of resources that will help you relax. In addition, you’ll get access to mind talks from distinguished meditation teachers around the globe.

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