What is Self Reflection Meditation?

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“All of men’s melancholies stem from their inability to sit alone in a quiet room.” These famous words were spoken by a French philosopher called Blaise Pascal. We often get so swept up by our dreams and ambitions that we lose focus of the important things. And although it’s great to be productive and driven, there’s no better feeling than connecting with your inner self, and what is happening in the here and now.

Self reflection meditation gives you a deeper insight into your very thoughts. A thorough process of self-reflection gives you a clear, unbiased view of your thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs.




Why is meditation reflection important?

Buddha discouraged his followers from dwelling in the past or dreaming of the future. Instead, he urged them to focus their minds on the present. Developing a mindful brain helps you to remain rooted in the present moment. You gradually reduce your careless indulgences and tame your wild sensual pleasures over time. Self reflection meditation is a great way to unearth what is really happening inside your mind. After all, volcanic eruptions of epic proportions normally start out as hot, fuming magma beneath the earth’s surface – the brain works much the same way! The more you coop up your emotions, the worse these emotions will blow up eventually.

4 benefits of meditation reflection:

  1. Helps to build structure

Self-reflection prompts individuals to question their entire belief system. It also allows them to reevaluate their principles and core values in a non-judgmental manner. Every person has a preset value system that serves as a guide through life. However, we don’t always keep to the script – sometimes we veer off our path and go astray. That’s why self-reflection is so important. It gives you the chance to look back and identify the areas where you’ve blossomed and places you’ve deviated.

  1. Boosts your talent utilization

We are all endowed with a set of gifts and talents. But what’s the use of these gifts if we don’t use them? Often times, we go through life without a care in the world. We barely find the time to figure ourselves out and discover our strengths, talents and abilities. Performing self reflection meditation allows you to discover those talents that have remained buried deep within. If you love singing, this love becomes more apparent when you undergo some self-reflection. Your sense of wonder also increases, prompting you to pursue these gifts and see where they lead.

  1. Helps you to become a positive influence to others

We all desire to do more good than harm, to be role models to those close to us. Sadly, one unthoughtful action can erase all the good things we’ve built. It only takes a single matchstick to burn down an entire forest. Although we may strive hard to build a positive legacy, our fragile reputation can be destroyed by the negative things we say or do. Cultivating a mindful brain helps us to be keen about the words we utter and the actions we do.

  1. Keeps your preferred future in check

Meditation reflection also helps you recall the short and long term goals you’ve set out for yourself. We all have a role to play in shaping our destiny. Taking some time to sit and think about your future helps you to make appropriate decisions towards achieving your preferred destiny. Self-reflection isn’t a difficult undertaking: all that’s required from a meditator is developing a mindful brain. This means that you need to remain rooted in the here and now rather than engrossing your mind on the past or future events.

Meditation reflection is a beneficial exercise that gives you a deeper perspective of your entire essence. If you desire some help performing self reflection meditation, I suggest the Mindworks: Guided Meditation App. It contains an assortment of helpful Mind Talks and daily meditations that will enrich your practice immensely.

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