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Course in Happiness

We’re all engaged in the pursuit of happiness, but it seems to constantly play hide-and-seek with us. We tend to look to other people, situations and things for our happiness, and when we find it, we’re worried that it won’t stick around; when we lose it, we’re worried that it will never come back. Perhaps it’s right under our noses and we’re too busy looking elsewhere to notice it.

Meditation allows us to discover that the true source of happiness and well-being is a peaceful, compassionate mind. By putting mindfulness and awareness into practice, we give ourselves the space we need to access this gold mine within. And as our practice becomes more stable, we build on our innate qualities by connecting with others in a more authentic, confident way.

Mindworks Course in Happiness module gives you the tools you need to reframe your quest for happiness into a more balanced and achievable form.

The different components of the module offer:

  • A better grasp of the nature of happiness
  • More contentment with a focus on appreciation and paying it forward
  • Insights into how your meditation practice and conduct off the cushion support each other
  • Understanding that self-acceptance is the key to accepting others
  • A reminder that being happy and making others happy go hand in hand
  • Mind Talks that give us food for thought and help us grow

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