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To be mindful at work is to apply the skills discovered in formal meditation practice to everyday situations. Workers, bosses, consultants, assistants, professionals and tradespeople alike can experience the focus and clarity derived from meditation practice to great effect.

Focus is the ability to gently turn away from both internal and external distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. Meditation supports this ability to focus—both to zoom in and to accurately see the big picture. Thanks to this increased clarity, meditators in the workplace often make better decisions, are more effective and can tap into their creativity more easily.

Mindfulness and other forms of meditation are ancient practices that lead to a more centered and genuine way of being. They help us gain perspective and prioritize in accord with fundamental human values.

By training in mindful awareness of the breath, sensations and thoughts, we learn to manage stress better. And we learn to be more authentic and present. This quality of presence makes it possible for us to have genuine confidence in our ability to manage relationships with customers, bosses, peers and employees so that everyone in our circle can thrive.

We recommend the Mindful Executive course to explore this topic.

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