Mindworks Journey Level 1: Discover

Working with Challenges

Working with Emotions

Emotions make us human–they connect and alienate, elate and destroy.

Meditation helps us understand the nature of our emotions and work with them effectively.

When it comes to emotions, meditation is a wonderfully effective technique that works on many levels. When we train in mindfulness, we learn to be with what we’re experiencing in the moment. With awareness practice, we gain insights into the very nature of emotions and their manifold expressions.

The teachings in Mindworks Working with Emotions module shine a light on several different facets of this vast and essential subject. After watching the videos and putting the instructions into practice, you’ll have a better understanding of

  • How emotions function and what you can expect from them
  • How meditation helps you work with our emotions in a very direct and concrete way
  • Why the spaciousness that arises in your meditation is such a source of insight
  • How strong emotions are sometimes the best ground for practice
  • How to transform unwelcome emotions so that they become your allies

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